During the summer months, we reach out to our schools for an annual "Admissions Refresh," which is an opportunity to determine what changes and updates we need to make for the next Admissions cycle.  During this process, we ask you to please review the following key areas within the system to identify what changes (if any) need to be made.  Each area listed below includes a link to a help article with written content and videos to aid you in updating these items.  For items that require assistance from our Support Team, click on the Contact Support button in the upper right of your site and one of our Support Specialists will be happy to work with you directly.  In addition, we have several training sessions available that you may attend if you'd like a live walk-through!  

Admissions Refresh Tutorial

  • Click here to sign-up for a live training session (seasonal availability). 

  • Click here to watch a recorded version of the training session. 

Items to Review

Work through each section listed below and use it as your checklist.

Basic Setup

  • Terms: This is where you can setup new terms to be available on your Inquiry forms and Application forms.  It's also where you will turn off old years and activate current and future years for your Inquiry and Application forms.  For any grades that had auto-waitlist turned on during the previous year, you may need to toggle this to "no" for the current year.  

  • Contact Information: Make sure the Contact Information in the Parent Portal is up to date.  Please also check your Authentication emails for current contact information. If these templates use the System Admin merge fields, make sure you either have contact information for the System Admin, or remove the merge fields from these templates and manually type the appropriate contact details.

  • Application Fee: This is where you can update the amount of your application fee, manage your payment methods and view any fee rules or waiver codes.

Admissions Checklist

You can create new checklist items and edit existing checklist items within Settings. If you need a business rule changed, contact Support.
Admissions Checklist Settings

  • Any checklist items you need to retire?  You can do this by setting the ‘End Term’ in the edit menu of your checklist settings to the previous school year.

  • Any checklist items you need to add?

  • Are all the visibility options (internal, optional, required) set correctly?

  • Does each item have clear parent explanation text for what they need to do in order for that checklist item to be marked complete?  Are you letting parents know which items you need to mark complete upon receipt of information?

  • Do you need any new business rules? (Contact Support for this only)

Admissions Forms

How to Create and Edit Forms

  • Are all forms current and updated?

  • Any new forms you need to create this year?

  • Are there any embedded downloadable forms linked within checklist item descriptions or in email templates that need to be updated? You can update/replace an existing file without needing to update the hyperlinks in email templates or in parent explanation text.  

Email and Parent Portal Communication Templates

IMPORTANT: Email templates live within your Communication Settings as well as your event calendars.  See the 'Calendars and Scheduling' section below for how to access and update the confirmation, reminder, and cancellation emails for each of your events. 

  • Are your inquiry & application thank you pages up to date? 

  • Are your inquiry and application thank you emails up to date? 

  • Do you have all the custom emails, letters, and labels you need? Do you have any dates or deadlines that need to be updated? Do you have any contact information in email signatures that needs to be updated? (Refer to the calendars section below for all event-related emails such as confirmations, reminders, and cancellations).

  • Are your text message templates up to date?

  • Are your Automated Communication Plan's up to date?  Check your criteria, any steps that have specific dates set, and any steps that you need to re-activate or de-activate. Click here for Admissions automated communication plan ideas.

  • To learn about how to add images to your templates, click here.

  • To learn about adding video's via a hyperlink to your templates and best practices on adding images for proper sizing, click here.  

  • If your school uses Vidigami, click here to learn how to add a child-specific photo slide-show to your email templates or click here to learn how to add a child-specific photo slide-show to the contact communication area in a student's checklist within the Parent Portal.  

Calendars & Scheduling
All confirmation, reminder, and cancellation email templates can be accessed and updated within each of your event calendars.  Each calendar has up to 3 emails that you can turn on, so please review all 3 for each of your calendar events. 

We want to do everything we can to make sure your next admissions season is as smooth and successful as possible, so if you have any questions or concerns about anything in the system, please contact our support team and let us know! 

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