General Best Practices

  • Customize the parent explanation text of the FACTS Checklist item. For example, 'The FACTS link will be available once all contracts in a family have been submitted. Once that is available, FACTS must be accessed via this link from your SchoolAdmin checklist. If FACTS is accessed externally, you will not see your fees in FACTS.” 

  • If you make any changes on the FACTS site, please make sure you notify SchoolAdmin of these changes, to ensure there are no errors when we push the data over from our system to FACTS.


If parents already have a FACTS account, do they use the same login? 

  • Yes!

What does it mean if I see a "term code error"?

  • This means FACTS has not enabled the term or the active terms do not match in SchoolAdmin and FACTS.

What does it mean if I see an "account code error"?

  • This means there is a code or codes that do not match in SchoolAdmin and FACTS

What does it mean if I see a "grade error"?

  • This means that the grade doesn't match in FACTS with the way that it's written in SchoolAdmin. For example, we may list a grade as "K" in SchoolAdmin, that is listed as "Kindergarten" in FACTS.  

When should the school or parents contact FACTS?

  • If parents have issues logging into FACTS. For example, they may have gone through the checklist, all amounts are correct, but their FACTS log-in doesn't work or exist.

  • If the parent needs split payments, that will need to be handled with FACTS directly as we do not split payments in SchoolAdmin.

Typically our families use automatic re-enrollment each year in FACTS. What is the difference with the integration? 

  • Electronic re-enrollment is not available with the integration. This means a family will have to select their payment plan each year in FACTS. 

What does the integration look like in SchoolAdmin and FACTS? 

  • A blue button will be activated on the student’s checklist within SchoolAdmin once all contracts in a family have been completed. This button will allow the family to transfer their fees over to FACTS and complete their agreements. Parents/Guardians MUST click on this blue button for the integration to work.  Once the agreements in FACTS are finalized, the checklist item in SchoolAdmin will be marked complete. This checklist item will be searchable so you can track who completed their FACTS agreement and who did not. 

If a contract is submitted, can changes be made that will also reflect in FACTS? 

  • If the family has not yet completed their FACTS agreement, the contract can be deleted in SchoolAdmin and resubmitted. The correct amounts will then pass over to FACTS. If the family has gone to FACTS, adjustments will need to be made in FACTS. 

Can we make adjustments/credits in special case scenarios? 

  • Yes, these can be made in FACTS as an account adjustment if they are not done in SchoolAdmin. 

What if a family has a returning student and a new student - since returning and new student enrollment is done at different times during the year? 

  • This typically means the family has not accessed FACTS from SchoolAdmin and went directly to FACTS. The family needs to be directed back to the checklist in SchoolAdmin and click the FACTS button in order to see their fees. 

Split Family Situations

How are split families handled with the integration?

In SchoolAdmin, we cannot split payments or have multiple contracts. However, you could have an additional ad-hoc form for the second parent.

Can all parents see the contract?

Please note that both parents will be able to see everything (the amounts on the contract and the amounts on the ad-hoc form) if they each have a Parent Portal account in SchoolAdmin AND if they both have financial responsibility set to 'yes' within the tied student record. Please note: Only parents/guardians with the financial responsibility toggle enabled can access and complete a student's contract.  A parent without this flag enabled will be able to see the contract checklist item but will not be able to access and sign the contract. Click here to learn how to manage financial responsibility.  

Single Sign-On (SSO) vs. Web-Provided Integration

The FACTS Integration can be web-provided or Single Sign-On (SSO). As a best practice, we recommend schools use web-provided.

With Single Sign-On (SSO):

  • The fees are NOT passed over to FACTS. However, the checklist item within SchoolAdmin will still be marked as complete once the agreement is signed in FACTS. The school would then set the amounts that each parent owes in FACTS.

With a Web-Provided Integration (recommended):

  • We cannot split payments or amounts on the contract, as all fees are automatically passed over to FACTS and must match in both systems at the start of the integration. We recommend having a statement within the tuition and fees section of the contract unstating "The totals may not accurately reflect split payment amounts and will be adjusted in FACTS."  There can be a checkbox for parents to mark that they read and agree to the statement. You will need to handle and adjust the split payments in FACTS for both parents on a case-by-case basis.

  • Since two separate parents are unable to register or enroll through SchoolAdmin, there isn't a way for each parent to set up a separate payment plan within SchoolAdmin. One parent will need to go through SchoolAdmin to complete the process. Once the payment plan has been set up, you can manually adjust that parent's payment plan in FACTS to reduce the amount of tuition and fees that are due. The other option is for the school to manually create an invoice agreement so that the family can log into their online account and convert it to an ACH/CC plan. Both parents log into FACTS with their own account so they can see their own individual payment plan and amounts that are due.

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