The On Suite/SchoolAdmin API integrates with all modules of the On Suite of products (OnRecord, OnBoard, Core, etc). It pushes data from SchoolAdmin to On, using a custom export template. The initial set up and configuration of this integration will be done by the SchoolAdmin Client Services Team. The standard custom data export service level agreement from receipt of final requirements is 6-8 weeks. Once the initial data export is configured, it can be pushed over to On Suite by running the export as you would for any custom data export.

When the export is run, a button will appear at the top of the integration screen that says, 'Push To Blackbaud'.  The user can also view and download the data that is being pushed, prior to or after pushing the data.

Once that button is clicked, the integration will push data to the On System. Once the push is complete, the errors, if any, will be listed at the top of the integration screen. The data will then appear in your On System. 

The API can both create and update existing Users in On. The API uses the UserID column to decide whether to perform an update or a create.  Users who do not have a UserId in that column will be created. Users who do have that ID will be updated. 

When users are initially pushed to On and created, the SchoolAdmin system automatically records their ID in the field called ‘blackbaud_api_id’. Existing users in On must have their IDs imported into that field in order for the system to correctly update them.

Users in On can have various roles set by the integration.  Student contacts within SchoolAdmin can have the role of a Candidate or a Student. These roles are configured as part of the initial export set up process, based on the school's needs. 

Parents will automatically be assigned the role of Parent as part of the export process and linked to their students in On. Siblings will automatically be linked  to each other in On with the role of Sibling.

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