The SSAT Test Score Integration provides automatic data importing of student test score data via a direct API.  It will store up to the last 3 test scores after your integration has been setup.

To Setup the Integration:  Please contact SchoolAdmin Support

  • For schools who already have the SAO integration, the test scores component can be immediately enabled.

  • For schools who do not accept SAO applications, setup will require contacting SAO / SSAT to obtain three things: the School Code, the API Key, and the API Secret.  If you are currently storing SSAT scores in custom fields, there may be a small data migration required to consolidate existing scores into the fields used for the integration.

For students who have applied via SAO

If the student has previously applied through the SAO (Standard Application Online), the integration will automatically update the student's SchoolAdmin contact record with the last 3 SSAT test scores. 

For students who have applied directly to the school

If the student did not apply through the SAO and they take the test separately, SchoolAdmin will compare the list of students that released their scores to the school with existing contacts in the system and identify any potential matches.  

Match & Import

To match and import data, go to Settings-->Fields & Data-->SSAT Matching.  

This page will display a few key pieces of information on each matched contact such as the first and last name, their status and grade.  

To view the contact record of the existing contact, click on the blue text along the left that says, "View Existing Contact."  Along the right, each match can be verified or removed.  

  • If the match is verified, the student’s contact record will be updated with the SSAT scores.  No other changes will be made to the student record. 

  • If the match is removed, no scores will be brought into the student record and it will disappear from the list.  

Important Notes:

  • If the student has taken the test multiple times, up to the last 3 sets of scores will be added to the child's record. 

  • SSAT data is synced daily

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