Our current integration with SAO is a two-part integration. When a student submits the initial SSATB application and pays the fee online, the integration imports the contact with an applicant status, and also creates a small database application file in SchoolAdmin, which is a very stripped down version of our normal application. It contains the following information: 

  • Student Name
  • Grade Applying
  • Year Applying
  • Father Name, Home Phone, Work Phone, Cell Phone, and Email
  • Mother Name, Home Phone, Work Phone, Cell Phone, and Email
  • Primary Address
  • Parent 3 Name, Home Phone, Work Phone, Cell Phone, and Email (if applicable)
  • Parent 4 Name, Home Phone, Work Phone, Cell Phone, and Email (if applicable)
  • Household 2 address (if applicable)

This allows admins to use the system to email the student or their parents, as well as print letters and labels for them. Each student is imported into the system with an applicant status.


How-To: Map Additional Student Fields from SSATB

By navigating to Settings > Fields & Data > SAO Integration, it is possible to map additional fields from the SSATB application to feed into specified SchoolAdmin fields. At the bottom of the page, you'll see an option for SSAT Field Mapping > Edit Field Mapping

Clicking that button will display a modal that dynamically pulls a list of student fields from the SSATB application that can be mapped. Simply use the dropdown menu to find the appropriate associated SchoolAdmin field by either scrolling through the list or typing the name of the field. Once you've mapped your desired fields, just click submit to save your changes.

After the fields have been mapped, information will be automatically pulled from each applicant's SSATB application into their existing SchoolAdmin record at the scheduled daily automatic update time. In the case where information already exists in SchoolAdmin for a mapped field, that data will be preserved and not overwritten by data from SSATB.


How-To: Process & Manage Files from SAO Integration

All of the remaining data is pulled into one PDF on the checklist called the 'SSATB Application PDF'. This PDF is attached to a checklist item and can be downloaded or viewed like any uploaded item.

Mapping can be set up so that certain components from the SSATB application flow into different checklist items in SchoolAdmin. For example, you can have the recommendation forms from a student's SSATB application flow into and complete their teacher recommendation checklist items in SchoolAdmin. This allows for more individualized tracking of an applicant's progress on the checklist. To set up component mapping, please contact SchoolAdmin Support.

As the student submits additional documents (such as essays, test scores, etc.), the PDF will update, pulling information from the SSATB system into the PDF as additional pages. The system checks for new documents every night at 4:30 am CST.


How-To: View Application Source for Students

If you would like to see if an application came through the SAO integration or directly through your SchoolAdmin application, you can use the field Application Sources. Applications that come through the SAO integration will have the application source of 'SSATB'.

Search & Reports

To search on the application source directly, select the 'Contact Record Data (everything else)' criteria in search and find the Application Sources field. From there, you can specify which type(s) of applications you want to pull in the search.

You can also pull in the Application Sources field as a column on any search. Click on the 'Change Display / Columns' button and you can find this field under 'Contact' -> 'Application' -> 'Application Sources.' Click here to learn more about searches in SchoolAdmin.

Contact Record

You can also view a student's application source from their contact record by adding this merge field to the contact widget:


The contact widget is located in 'Settings' -> 'Portal' -> 'Admin Portal Content'. Click here for more information.


Communications for SAO Applicants

If you have accept applicants through multiple sources, you can setup an automated communication plan to only email SSATB Applicants using the criteria shown below. Please note the additional criteria of Application Sources --> contains --> SSATB when setting up this communication plan.


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