Online Forms are a great way to collect information electronically so that you can later search and report on it, or use it to drive checklist items, contract fees, or customized text. Online Forms can be added to the checklist so that your applying/enrolling families can fill them out from the Parent Portal.

How-To: Understand the Parent Experience with Online Forms

Once you have connected an online form to a checklist item (and made it visible to / completable by parents), your applying or enrolling families can see and complete the form from their student's checklist in the Parent Portal. Please note: Although you can use Online Form checklist items in the Inquiry process, these will be internal-only for your team, since Inquiries do not have parent-facing checklists.

Online Form checklist items will appear with a 'Complete Form' button next to the title. Parents/Students will click on this button to begin filling out the form.

The parent/student experience with the form is similar to what you may have seen in the form preview on the admin side. Fields will appear with the prompts configured on the form setup, and the parent/student can fill them out (with the exception of any fields set to read-only). Fields that have previously been filled out for the student will pre-populate on the form.

Parent view of an online form with a few fields displayed.

How-To: Online Form Navigation & Actions

At any point, if the parent/student needs to save their progress and return to the form later, they can click the 'Save & Finish Later' button. If a form has multiple pages, there will be buttons for 'Next' and 'Previous'.

Buttons on Online Forms: Save & Finish Later, Previous, and Next.

Parents/Students will also see a page progress bar at the top of the screen, next to the page name. This will show how many pages are left to complete, and also allows the parent/student to easily navigate back to previously completed pages by clicking the dark grey dots.

Top navigation on Online Forms. Shows current page 5.

When the parent/student reaches the last page of the form, they will see the 'Submit' button. When clicked, the submit button will complete the form and associated checklist item, and redirect the parent/student back to the checklist in the Parent Portal.

Once an online form is submitted, your internal users can view it in the student's contact record on the checklist (by clicking 'View Form') and within Form & Document Submission History (by clicking the form name). You can also generate a printable PDF of the submitted online form at this time.

Note on Publishing Changes to Parent-Facing Online Forms

If you make and publish any changes on the admin side to an online form, and a student has not yet submitted theirs, the next time they open the online form from their checklist they will see a message at the top that additional requirements have been added since they started filling it out and to review their answers.

Parent-facing banner indicating that additional requirements have been added to the online form and to review answers.

Please note: Publishing changes to an online form will not affect submitted online forms. If you need families to fill out a new version, you will need to un-submit their form first by unchecking it from their contact record. They will then be able to go back into the student checklist in the Parent Portal and complete the form again.

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