During the rollover process for returning students, many schools want to track their rate of retention, and learn the reasons why some families may decide not to return the following school year. This is where an Intent to Enroll form can provide good data points to help schools come up with solutions to better support their families and possibly improve retention.

Intent to Enroll Form Example & Workflow

The Intent to Enroll form is usually displayed on the enrollment checklist of returning students, and is filled out prior to the contract. Depending on the response to the "intent to enroll" question, the contract checklist item and any other enrollment checklist items can be hidden behind a "no" response and displayed for a "yes" response upon form submission. Below is a list of questions we recommend as a best practice. Please note, you can include any additional questions that fit your school's unique process.

  • Student Name and Enroll Grade: These fields will pre-fill automatically

  • A yes/no "intent to enroll" question to inquire if the student is enrolling/re-enrolling for the current year.

  • If the student is not returning, you can ask the family to indicate a reason why, so that you can report on these responses within Search & Reports.

Best Practices for "Not Enrolling" Reasons

  • When asking families why they're not returning or enrolling at your school, we recommend as a best practice to include a "prefer not to say" option to respect a family's privacy in providing more information.

  • If you'd like to learn more information for relocation, change of schools, etc, you can include additional questions that are marked as optional for those families that are willing to provide more detail.

See below for an example of reasons you may want to consider.

Intent to Enroll Form Creation & Setup

If you'd like to implement an Intent to Enroll Form into your enrollment process, please reach out to our best-in-class Support team and they'd be happy to set this up for you. Please let the team know what questions and responses you'd like to include on the form, using the examples in this article as a guide.

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