Schools using SchoolAdmin for admissions and Veracross for enrollment may want to consider using the one-way SchoolAdmin to Veracross integration. This integration can be configured to send SchoolAdmin admissions data to Veracross, and saves time on tasks like manually exporting or importing data to create applicant records, updating records, or updating contact info in Veracross.

Please note that there is an additional charge for this integration. If you are interested in setting it up, please contact our Support Team to get started.

SchoolAdmin to Veracross Integration

Once your school has purchased the integration, you can begin the setup process. This integration uses the new Veracross API, so users with the OAuth_App_Admin role can begin the setup themselves from the Identity & Access Management homepage in Axiom.

Customer Responsibilities

  • Add SchoolAdmin as an Integration Partner in Veracross and start the integration

  • Inform the SchoolAdmin Support Team via email once complete so that we have access to the Client ID and Client Secret in the Veracross Partner Portal

  • Collaborate with SchoolAdmin Configuration Team to get the export configuration set up to meet your data needs

  • (ongoing) Run exports in SchoolAdmin to push to Veracross as needed

SchoolAdmin Responsibilities

  • Complete set up of integration in SchoolAdmin using customer-specific credentials from Veracross

  • Create export configuration used to export data out of SchoolAdmin into Veracross

  • Provide support throughout the setup process and handle troubleshooting of any issues related to the export

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