Within the contact layout page, you can see and set what fields are displayed within the contact record and what fields display for what contacts.

  • Name (1): The name of the field
  • Grouping (2): The grouping category that the field is contained within.  Grouping categories are bolded within the Personal and Admissions tabs of the contact record.
  • Role Categories (3): The role columns allow you to customize what fields of information are displayed or hidden for each stage of the Admissions and Enrollment process.  Check the boxes for the role types that you want your fields to display for within the student record.  If you want fields to display from the Inquiry phase through to Enrollment, then check off Inquiry, Admissions and Enrollment. Likewise, if you want to view any specific fields for your Alumni students, check the alumni box so you can still view this information once your students move to the Alumni status.  You can hover over each field name  and the role categories will display for that row of checkboxes.Order on a Contact Record: Fields can be arranged on a contact record in a custom order based on the order they appear on this page. Please note that fields are first arranged by their grouping and then by the order within that grouping.  Hover over the field name and you will see the cross arrows.  Drag and drop the field to the desired position.

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