Within SchoolAdmin, fields are the containers that store specific data about students, parents, or other contacts in the system. To learn more about what fields are and how they work, click here.

This article will detail how to adjust various settings for your fields, so you can manage how they appear and are organized within your SchoolAdmin site. You can also reference the video below.

Please note that the following field settings must be handled by the SchoolAdmin Support Team:

  • Adding fields

  • Deleting fields

  • Adding, removing, or editing options for fields

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How-To: View & Navigate the Fields Setup Page

To view your full list of fields, navigate to 'Settings' -> 'Fields & Data' -> 'Fields'. Please note: This page will only be accessible to Admins/System Admins. This page, also known as the Fields Setup Page, contains a list of every field in your SchoolAdmin site. This contains both standard fields (e.g. Name, Grade, etc.) as well as any custom fields you have requested be created.

Search or Filter for a Field

To search for a particular field or field type within this page, click on the blue 'Filter Options' button near the top of the page.

When the filter options expand, you will see the following:

  • Search: Allows you to search by text by typing a full or partial field name into the search box.

  • Grouping: Allows you to search by specific field groupings (e.g. Personal Information, Review, etc.) by checking the boxes. This is a multi-select filter, so you can check as many boxes as you want to filter by.

  • Field Type: Allows you to search by specific field types (e.g. Scholarship field, Date field, etc.) by checking the boxes. This is a multi-select filter, so you can check as many boxes as you want to filter by.

Once you have selected the filter options you want to use, click on the blue 'Apply Filter' button. If you want to go back to the default view, you can click the red 'Clear Filters' button.

How-To: View & Edit Field Settings

Within the Fields Setup page, you can see the different elements displayed as columns. You can also edit some of this information by clicking on the 'Edit' button to the right of any field to open the 'Field Details' window.

Within the Field Details window, you will see the following information:

  • Name (2): Canonical name of the field that is used on the back-end of the system. It will always be all lowercase with underscores instead of spaces. The canonical name is used for pulling information into merge fields / tokens, as well as in online forms, contact imports, data exports. Once a field is created, the canonical name cannot be changed.

  • CType (3): The type of field, which determines what data inputs are allowed in the field. For example, a DateField requires a formatted date, while a TextField allows anything to be typed into it. Once a field is created, the type cannot be changed - a new field with the updated type will have to be created instead. Click here to learn about the different field types in the system.

  • Grouping (4): Indicates the specific grouping in which a field will appear within the Personal, Admissions, or Enrollment tab of the contact record. The field grouping also determines where you will locate a field within the Change Display/Columns window in Search & Reports. Field groupings can be changed by your internal team, although some standard fields (e.g. name, address, birthdate) have a hard-coded grouping and cannot be edited. The visibility of groupings and the fields contained within also pertain to user viewing permissions as defined in the Admin Portal Accounts page.

Note on the 'Hidden' field grouping: Assigning a field to this grouping hides it from the contact record. This is mostly used for retired fields that your school is no longer using. The grouping can be set to Hidden, instead of deleting the field, so that any historical data will still be kept in the system if needed for a historical search.

  • Searchable (5): This checkbox determines if the field can be searched on and displayed as a column on the Search & Reports page. Your internal team can toggle whether fields are searchable or not by checking/unchecking this option. When building a search, the field can be located in the 'Contact Record Data (everything else)' search criteria, as long as you have access to view that grouping. If you are unsure where to locate the field in the change display/columns window, refer to the grouping of the field within this Fields page, as it will match the grouping of displayed columns in Search.

  • Term-based (6): This checkbox determines if the data stored in the field is term-based, i.e. it can hold a unique set of data for each academic year. To learn more, visit our Term-Based Fields & Enrollment Refresh page.

  • Options (7): A list of options will appear only for certain field types, such as boolean, booleanlist, or single select. These are the options available to choose from for this field on a form or in the contact record. The options list will appear read-only to you, but can be edited by SchoolAdmin. Please contact our Support Team if you need to add, remove, or reorder field options.

  • Internal Description (8): A short description of the field used internally by SchoolAdmin to describe its usage.

  • Contact Layout (9): Indicates which contact record types will have the field displayed. For example, if you are collecting specific field data on your Contract, you may only want to display those fields for contacts in the 'Enrollment' contact type, or you may only want to display work information for contacts in the 'Parent' contact type. The contact layout options can be changed by your internal team by checking or unchecking the boxes. For a faster way to change the contact layout options for all of your different fields, use the 'Contact Layout' page within 'Settings' -> 'Fields & Data'. 

How-To: Rearrange Field Order

Fields can be arranged in a custom order on the contact record (shown below) within the Personal, Admissions, and Enrollment tabs, based on the order they appear in the Fields List Page.

To rearrange the order in which your fields appear, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to 'Settings' -> 'Fields & Data' -> 'Fields'.

  2. Click the 'Filter Options' button, select the grouping you would like to rearrange, and then click 'Apply Filter' button. Click here for more information on this step.

  3. Rearrange the fields by hovering over the field until you see the cross arrow symbol, then drag and drop the field to the desired position.

  4. Check a contact record to see the applied changes!

You can also rearrange fields from the Contact Layout page. Click here for more information.

How-To: Examine Field Usage

To see the different places a field is being used in the system, click on the 'Examine' button to the right of any field to open the Field Examine page for it. This will show you if the field is being used on forms, saved searches, exports, email snippets, and more.

In addition, for any composite fields (i.e. fields made up of various subfields), such as phone numbers and names, you can see the specific canonical names for each subfield. This is helpful if you want to pull in the information from a specific subfield (e.g. phone type or name title) on a template, export, etc. instead of pulling in the entire field.

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