The Parent Portal Accounts page is a master list of all parent portal accounts that have been created.  This page is useful if you need to look up the email address that a parent used to create their account, or if you need to update their name or email address for their account. 

  • Click here to learn additional ways to reset the parent portal password.

  • Click here to learn about parent portal authentication.

  • Click here to learn how to set financial responsibility for each parent/guardian.  

To add the parent portal URL to email templates, use the following merge token:
{{school.parent_portal_url}} This token can be found within email templates using the options displayed below.

If you need the actual hyperlink to your parent portal for the school website, the format of this link will be:

  • Schools in US: yourschooldomain.schooladminonline.com

  • Schools in Canada: yourschooldomain.schooladmin.ca

How-To: Manage Parent Portal Accounts

The following information is displayed for all parents or guardians that created a Parent Portal account:

  • Email (1): The email address used to create the parent portal account. 

  • First Name (2)

  • Last Name (3)

To search for a particular name or email address, click on filter options (4), type in your text, and then click apply filter.

Along the right side of the page are the following actions for each account:

  • Reset Password (5): This is where you can reset the password for the parent/guardian.  You will be asked to confirm that the parent portal account listed will receive an email to reset their password. Click 'OK' to proceed.

  • Migrate to Admin (6): This is how you can change the permissions of a parent to become an Admin user in the system. You will be asked to confirm. Click 'OK' to proceed.

  • Edit (7): This allows you to edit the name and email address of each parent portal account. Make the changes you need and then click 'submit.'

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