Within the admin portal content settings, you have access to the contact widget.  This is the area displayed at the top of the summary tab of the student record.  This area is useful to pull any fields of information that you’d like to see immediately when you pull up a student’s record.  You can see when it was last edited and by whom.  To make edits to the template, click on edit along the far right.  You can also revert to the system default, which will reset the template to it's original state.

Within the template editor, you can select what fields of data you want displayed.  To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Select the category (1) of the merge field you’d like to add.

  • Select the field (2) from the drop down list.

  • Drag and drop the merge field (3) into the body of the template editor.

  • Type a label (4) for the merge field within the body of the template editor so you know how to identify the information that displays.

  • Click submit (5) to save your changes.

To view the contact widget, navigate to the Summary tab of a student record and you’ll see the contact widget above the checklist.

For schools with SSATB applications, you can add the following to display the application source:
Application Source: {{contact.application_sources}}

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