If you have the Enrollment module and are using electronic contracts through the SchoolAdmin system, you might choose to use our Countersignature feature on those electronic contracts. This feature allows you to countersign contracts - after all required parent/guardian entities have signed - by either adding an electronic signature or uploading an image of your signature (or the signature of your Head of School, Principal, etc.).

Before you can start countersigning contracts, you must enable and set up the feature. Read on below to learn how to do that!

To learn how to countersign contracts as an admin, click here.

To learn about the parent experience with countersigned contracts, click here.

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How-To: Enable & Configure Contract Countersign

Before you can countersign contracts, there are a few steps to take for setup.

* Enable Countersign Setting on the Enrollment Setup Page *

If you haven't enabled the Countersign feature yet, navigate to 'Settings' -> 'Fields & Data' -> 'Enrollment Setup' to do so. Please note: This step must be completed by an Admin or System Admin with Data permissions.

Once on the Enrollment Setup page, scroll to the section titled 'Require Countersignature'. Check the box for 'Countersignature Required?', and then click Save.

What happens when the Countersignature feature is enabled:

  • A countersignature field will automatically be added to all active and draft Contract form templates.

  • All student contracts will require a countersignature before they are considered complete (i.e. 'Submitted' status).

Disabling the feature will remove the countersignature fields from your contract form templates, and contracts will no longer require a countersignature before being considered complete. This will also remove the Countersign Contracts action on list pages or contact records.


* Upload a Signature Image *

After clicking Save, the page will refresh and you will now have the ability to upload a Countersign Image by using the Choose File button. For best results, upload a .PNG file no larger than around 200-250px. After uploading your file, a preview of the currently active Countersign Image will appear on the page under 'Current Countersign Image'.

Please note: Uploading a Countersign Image is optional. You can still countersign contracts using an electronic signature. See below for more information.

How-To: Grant Countersign Permissions to Admins/Users

Before an admin/user can countersign contracts through the system, they must be granted the Countersign permission. Without this permission, the admin/user will not see the 'Countersign Contracts' action in list pages or contact records, even if the feature is enabled.

To grant this permission to one or more admins/users, someone set up as a System Admin in your SchoolAdmin site can go to Settings -> Portal -> Admin Portal Accounts. From there, simply check the 'Countersign' box for any accounts you want to have access to the countersign action.

For more information on Admin Portal Accounts, click here.

How-To: Enable Countersign User Notifications

If you want to receive daily email notifications about how many contracts are available to countersign, you can opt in to this from the User Notifications page. Notifications are managed on a per-user basis, so if you need someone else to be subscribed to these emails, you will need to instruct them to log into SchoolAdmin and complete the steps below.

While logged into the admin portal, click on your name in the upper right and then select User Notifications. Once on the page, you'll see the option for 'Contracts needing countersign (Daily Summary)' under the Enrollment grouping. Check the box to opt into the notification.

Please note that this is a daily email, separate from the existing activity summary email. The subject line will be 'Contracts Pending Countersignature' and the email will list how many contracts are ready to be countersigned, along with a link to your Students in Enrollment list page.

Once the items above are complete, you are ready to start countersigning contracts, which you can do from the Students in Enrollment list page or a contact record.

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