Schools can turn their Enrollment Module on and off within the Parent Portal based on the time of year.  If this is the case for you, make sure you turn Enrollment back on within Settings –> Portal –> Parent Portal Content. 

Under Enrollment and Admissions make sure you have Parent enrollment enabled checked off.  This shows the enrollment checklist on the parent portal for those students that are moved into an enrollment in progress or enrolled status.

Within the Parent Portal, you’ll want to review and update any templates related to enrollment only as well as general areas used to communicate both admissions and enrollment information.  You can update the following templates (1) from this page by clicking on Edit (2) along the right:

  • Contact Communication Area:  This is the area above the checklist.  Here you can communicate any important information or documents that are specific to admissions and enrollment.  If you would like this information to be dynamic based on certain criteria such as show only for admissions, only for enrollment, or only for new students vs returning students, please contact SchoolAdmin Support with your specifications.  We can create business rules to show/hide text based on student criteria.  This is a good place to include links to a handbook or Viewbook or to list important deadlines.
  • Contract/Registration Thank You:  This is the thank you page the parent sees once they complete the Contract or Registration Form, if it’s turned on.  Please note, this page is turned off by default so that parents are automatically directed back to the checklist.  If you decide to turn it on, a best practice is to direct them back to the portal to access their checklist.  You can also include information about tuition payments or next steps.
  • Deposit Instructions: These are instructions on the deposit page that display regardless of the payment method selected.  They can be generic, for wire transfers, for other payment methods or used to communicate any other pertinent information such as processing fees.
  • Deposit Check Instructions: These are the instructions that display within the Contract or Registration form when the parent selects check as the payment method.
  • Login Page Description:  This is the text that displays at the top of the Parent Portal log-in screen.  This is a good place to communicate why the parent is at this page, that they can create an account or log-in to existing account, and it’s also a best practice to direct the parent back to this page to access their checklist.
  • Portal Widget: This is the text that displays at the top of the parent portal, above the student list, after the parent logs-in.  A best practice is to make this text friendly and conversational while communicating anything important.  *Please note that this information is visible to admissions AND enrollment and it cannot be customized to show for different students or criteria.

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