Schools can turn Parent Enrollment within the Parent Portal on or off based on the time of year. When the Parent Enrollment option is not enabled, families will be unable to view the contract, deposit, or other enrollment checklist items for their student(s) within the Parent Portal. However, parents will still see the "Enrolling for 'X' Grade in 'Y' Term" message next to any enrolling students, along with a note that "Enrollment is not yet open for this year".

Example of viewing student in the Parent Portal when parent enrollment is not enabled.

How-To: Enable or Disable Parent Enrollment

The Parent Enrollment setting is managed from within Settings -> Portal -> Parent Portal Content.

Under the Enrollment and Admissions heading, use the checkbox next to Parent Enrollment Enabled to turn the option on or off. Remember to click Save at the bottom of the page to save any changes.

To learn about the Parent Admissions Application Enabled and Parent Admissions Workflow Enabled options, click here!

As soon as you have enabled the Parent Enrollment option and saved the page, any students in an active enrollment status will now have their enrollment checklist visible from within the Parent Portal.

Example of viewing student in the Parent Portal when parent enrollment is enabled.

For this reason, before going live with Parent Enrollment for the year, you may want to review and update any Parent Portal Content pages (aka web templates) related to enrollment.

Parent Portal Content / Web Templates page.

Web templates can be edited from the same page where you enabled Parent Enrollment. Simply click the Edit button along the right of any template to update it. See this article for descriptions of the different templates.

You can also check out your Enrollment Refresh Tracker for more information on areas to update before opening Enrollment for the year!

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