• Parent/Guardian receives an enrollment email from your school with instructions on how to log into the Parent Portal and authenticate to access the Contract/Registration Form.  Note: Returning families that are already authenticated will not need to re-authenticate.
  • Parent/Guardian completes the Contract/Registration Form and signs it.  If you have dual signatures, two parents/guardians will need to sign.
  • Parent/Guardian will then pay the deposit/registration fee.  If you’re using dual signatures, either parent can pay the deposit once both signatures have been submitted.

FACTS Process

  • If you’re using FACTS, the parent may submit the Deposit via a checklist item that is automatically marked as complete once the payment is made through FACTS.After the deposit is submitted, the contract moves into a Submitted status and the parent/guardian cannot change anything unless you regenerate the Contract.Parent completes all required enrollment checklist items.Student is automatically moved into an Enrolled status.
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