SchoolAdmin provides several tools to manage scholarships. Forms and checklist items can be used to allow parents and students to apply for scholarships while fields, custom filters, and searches are used to track and manage the status of the scholarships. For awarding scholarships and applying those amounts to the contract, there is a special field type called ScholarshipField that allows you to set up any number of scholarships and manage the awards. Read on below for details!

How-To: Set Up Scholarship Fields

Scholarship Amount (scholarship_amount) is a standard field that is term-based, meaning it holds a unique value per term for a student. This can be used to input a total scholarship amount to automatically deduct from the tuition on a student's contract.

Custom scholarship fields can also be added to your SchoolAdmin site so that you can track amounts for specific types of scholarships (e.g. Merit Scholarship, Athletic Scholarship, etc.). New custom scholarship fields can be added by contacting SchoolAdmin Support. Amounts entered into custom scholarship fields are also deducted from the tuition amount on a student's contact. However, custom scholarships are not term-based and will need to be cleared year over year - click here for more information.

Once the scholarship fields have been added, they will appear on the Fields Setup page. From this page, you can edit the display names of the Scholarships. The name will be displayed on the contact record and on the contract if the scholarship(s) are awarded.

Additional Tips

Use the Scholarship Status field to make it easy to search for students interested in the scholarship process or track their progress through the process. As you award scholarships, change the Scholarship Status, so that you can create a report that displays each scholarship type in a column to get a picture of who has been awarded a scholarship and how much they received.

How-To: Award Scholarships

To enter scholarship amounts for an individual student, you can follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the student's contact record.

  • Click on the Enrollment tab within the contact record.

  • Click the blue Edit Fields button in the upper right.

  • Find the scholarship field you wish to edit. Please note: You can put scholarship fields under any grouping, but they are most often found under Enrollment, Tuition & Fees, or Tuition Assistance. If you cannot see the scholarship field you want to update, check your Contact Layout page to ensure it is set to display.

  • Enter the amount into the scholarship field.

  • Click on the green Save Edits button to confirm the change.

The scholarship name and amount will now appear on the contract. You can preview the contract to see how it will look.

If you have multiple scholarship amounts to award, consider entering the amounts through:

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