The Contract Fees page is located within Settings–>Financial–>Contract Fees. Within this page, you will see the following:

  • Term/School Year Picker (1): Pick the school year you’d like to edit the contract fees for.

  • Name (2): The display name of your contract fees.

  • Canonical Name (3): This a unique system identifier for the fee designated by either the system or the user at the time of fee creation.

  • Amount (4): The amount of your contract fee in a numerical (fixed) value, or in a percentage.

  • Billing Category (5): How your contract fee is categorized.

  • Charge Type (6): The type of charge which includes Tuition, Deposit Fee, Payment Plan Fee, Required Fee, Optional Fee and Tuition Discount.

  • Add to Deposit (7): This column shows if the fee will be part of the deposit payment.  All fees added to the deposit will be itemized in the contract. 

  • Active (8): This column shows you if the contract fee is active or not.

  • Last Edit (9): This column displays the date that the last edit was made.

  • Edit History (10): Click on the 'View Changes' link to see a history and details of up to the last 5 changes that were made to the fee.  Fee changes made prior to the release of this feature will not be displayed. 

  • Edit (11): This option lets you edit the contract fee details such as the name of the fee, the amount, and the explanation.

Editing Contract Fee Details

Click on edit along the right of the contract fee you’d like to update.  You will see the same details as noted in the columns above.

Name (1): The display name of the contract fee, which can be edited at any time.

Canonical Name (2): This a unique system identifier for the fee designated by either the system or the user at the time of fee creation. It cannot be edited.

Billing Category (3): This field helps determine how your contract fees are categorized for reporting needs.

Charge Type (4): This field is set by SchoolAdmin and can only be changed by contacting Support.

Amount Type (5): You can select a fixed (numerical) amount, a percent, or an existing field.

  • The types of fields that can be associated are: any field with ctype of ScholarshipField, OptionalFeeField, RequiredFeeField; also the "standard" fields scholarship_amount and financial_aid_amount.

  • To create a ContractFee for a Field, choose the amount_type "field"; the "amount" and "charge_type" fields will be hidden and a "field" selection will become available

  • Only one ContractFee can be created per Field (for a given SchoolYear)

  • Creating a ContractFee for a Field will automatically create the associated Contract Fee Rule for the Field (with an empty test, i.e. if the Field has a value it will be applied; without a value it will not be applied)

Amount (6): Type the amount of the fee in a numerical value.

Explanation (7): This is the text a parent will see on the contract, explaining what the fee is for.

Add to Deposit (8): Check this box for any required fees that need to be paid with the deposit.  The contract will display an itemization of all fees collected as part of the deposit/registration fee payment.  

Submit (9): Once everything has been setup, click Submit to apply your changes.

Viewing the Edit History

To view the edit history of a contract fee, click on the 'View Changes' link in the 'Edit History' column. 

The recent history screen will show the following information for up to the last 5 edits:

  • Contract Fee Name (1): The name of the Contract Fee.

  • Who (2): The name of the user that made the change.

  • When (3): The date and time the change was made.

  • Field(s) (4): Names of the fields that were changed.

  • What: Values that were in place before the change (5) and after the change (6) was made.  Click 'ok' to exit the screen.

Additional Information

  • Click here to learn about contract fee rules.

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