The Net Tuition and Fees Report is a log of all tuition and fee dollar amounts for each student.  This page only shows numbers for contracts that have been generated.  Please note any optional fees or fees driven by user selections within the contract (ex hot lunch or bus fees) will not show up on this page until the parent completes the contract.  If you use this report to preview fees after generating contracts, you’ll be able to see any pre-determined fees such as tuition amounts, but not user-driven ones such as a hot lunch fee.  You can access the report within Enrollment (1) –> Net Tuition & Fees (2).  

Below is an explanation of the displayed columns, which can be sorted in ascending or descending order by clicking on the column header.  To export this data to Excel or CSV, click on Export in the upper right.

  • Name: The name of the student the fee is assigned to.
  • Enroll Grade: The grade the student is enrolled in.
  • Type: Indicates if the student is new or returning.
  • Status: The current enrollment status of the student.
  • Contract Status:  The status of the contract (Generated, In Progress, Pending, Pending payment, or Generated)
  • Payment Plan: Displays the payment plan type for that student (at once, 2 payments, 10 payments, etc)
  • Tuition: The Tuition amount for the student.
  • Discounts: Any assigned discounts for the student.
  • Fees: Any additional fees such as hot lunch, bus, etc.
  • Aid: The financial aid amount for the student.
  • Net Tuition: The total amount or amount remaining that’s due

During your review of this data, some things you  may want to look for are:

  • Are there any outliers in tuition or fee numbers that are unexpected?
  • Do the correct students have aid, including financial aid and scholarships?
  • Are the numbers correct for any “special case” students?


To apply filters, click on Filter options (2), select your filters (2), and then click Apply Filters (3) to narrow down your results.

Bulk Actions

You can also perform bulk actions from this page such as sending a follow-up email to families that still need to submit their deposit or registration fee, change the status of these students, update a checklist item, print their contracts, etc.  To do this, select the list of students to activate your bulk actions in green in the upper right, and then select the desired action.

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