Once decisions have been made on what applicants your school has accepted as your new students, you’ll need to move these kids into Enrollment.  For any parents that declined the offer to enroll their child, or that simply did not enroll, the appropriate statuses need to be set to differentiate them from those entering enrollment.  Your school may have custom enrollment statuses to further define decline reasons, which can be set as well via an individual or bulk status change.  

Moving Accepted Kids into Enrollment

IMPORTANT: Before you begin enrollment, please click here to learn how to activate your upcoming Enrollment term.

Once all inactive statuses have been set for any families that are not enrolling in your school, you can now filter out for your accepted kids to move them into Enrollment.  To do this, start in the Admissions List Page –> Students in Admissions (1).  Set the current Term (2), and then select your Applicant (3) list.  Next, click on Filter Options (4) and mark the Accepted (5) status checkbox.  Additional filters can be set as needed.  Then click Apply Filters (6) to update your results.

Once you have your list of Accepted kids, you can then select them in bulk (1), which will activate your bulk actions in green in the upper right.  Click on the Edit (2) menu, and then select Change Status (3).

From the Change Status menu, select Enrollment in Progress (1) and then click next (2).  

The system will let you know how many contacts will be updated.  Once you confirm this information is correct, click Save.

All of your Accepted students will now move into a status of Enrollment in Progress and they’ll show up in the Enrollment List Page (1) within the Students in Enrollment (2) page.  *Please remember to repeat this action for any remaining pages of students.  

They will also have a Student Type of 'New,' and a Contract Status (4) of Pending.  This means it’s pending on you, the school, to generate.  If you click on the icon next to the contract status, you can preview (5) the contract for each student before and after generating it. 

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  • For more information on the contract lifecycle, click here.

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