Each school year, your returning students will need to be rolled over in the system so that they can complete the enrollment process for the new term. This typically takes place after you've completed your annual Enrollment Refresh. A few automatic behaviors take place when using the rollover tool, which will help you manage the next steps in the enrollment process. Watch the video below for a quick overview on student rollover, or read on in this article for detailed steps.

IMPORTANT: Before you can roll students over, your new enrollment year must be set up and activated from the Enrollment Setup page - click here to learn how.

How-To: Prepare for Rollover

Before performing the rollover of your returning students, you should make sure to change the status of any students that withdrew in the middle of the school year to Mid Year Withdrawal before performing the rollover.

To locate your current students, click on the Enrollment tab -> Enrolled Students list page. On this page, make sure you have the current year selected from the Terms picker at the top. Select any students you need to change from the list by checking the box next to their name. Then, click on the green Edit menu in the upper right -> Change Status.

In the 'Select Status' window that appears, select the Mid Year Withdrawal status, then click the blue Next button to review your changes. Finally, click the blue Save button to confirm the status change(s).

Please note: For any students that attended for a full year but are not returning next year, you will still roll them over because you need them to be active for the full current year. Once they have been rolled over, then you can set their status to an inactive one of Not Enrolling

Now you’re ready to perform rollover!

How-To: Complete the Rollover Process

Students can be rolled over individually, in bulk, all at once, or at different times, depending on what works best for your school and your process. To get started, click on the Enrollment tab at the top of the page. Students can be rolled over from the 'Students in Enrollment' or 'Enrolled Students' list pages.

To filter down to specific grades, statuses, or any other custom criteria you have set up, use the blue Filter Options button on this page, set your filters, and then click on Apply Filter.

From the list, select the students you want to rollover by checking the boxes next to their names. To select all students on the page, click the checkbox next to the Name column header. Please note: If you have multiple pages of results, you will need to repeat this process for each page. You can set the number of contacts to appear per page from Settings -> General -> Basic Setup.

Once you have all of your students selected, click on the green Edit menu towards the upper right and choose the Rollover to New Term option.

The Rollover Students window will appear with some additional information. Be sure to read this carefully so you know what to expect before, during, and after the rollover process.

With the rollover action:

  • ONLY students in the status of Enrolled will be rolled over. If you select students in other enrollment statuses (e.g. Enrollment in Progress), they will not be processed, but any Enrolled students you selected in the same batch will roll over as expected.

  • Students will be moved to the next enrollment year as Enrollment in Progress status, with an enrollment type of Returning. They will be promoted to the next grade (unless you have set them to stay in their current grade within Settings -> General -> Grades).

  • Students in the status of Mid Year Withdrawal will be marked as Former Students.

Once you click the Proceed with Rollover button, the system lets you know this action cannot be undone and asks you to confirm. Click 'Confirm' to start the rollover action, which can take a few minutes to complete. Please remember to repeat this action for any remaining pages of students.

Once the rollover is complete, you will be able to see your students within the Enrollment List Page -> Students in Enrollment for the new term. These students will now have a status of Enrollment in Progress, a student type of Returning, and a contract status of Pending.

How-To: Post-Rollover Steps to Take

After you have completed the rollover, you should:

  • Move any students who are not returning for the current term to the Not Enrolling status. If your school has any custom enrollment statuses set up to define specific reasons for students who aren't returning, you can set those at this time as well.

  • Move any students to the Financial Hold or Academic Hold statuses, as appropriate.

Additional Notes about Rollover:

  • For schools without traditional PK-12 grades: If your 'Grades' in the system are actually programs (that students may stay in for multiple years consecutively), you may not have students automatically advance to the next grade upon rollover. You can always manually change student's grades, individually or in bulk, after the rollover process is complete.

  • Term-based fields: All term-based fields - such as deposit, financial aid, scholarship, etc. - will need to be set up for the new enrollment year, so that you can track them for each student.

  • Multiple rollovers: If a student was previously rolled over, the rollover action will ignore a second rollover, which is a safeguard against duplicating this action.

  • Repeated or skipped grades: If a student is repeating a grade or skipping a grade, you can roll them over and then manually update their grade (using the Edit menu option) accordingly.

  • Enrollment type: If a student left your school for a few years and came back, you can modify the enrollment type of that student to either new or returning once they come back to your school.

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