The Enrollment Refresh Tracker is a tool to guide you through the necessary steps needed for both your enrollment refresh each year, as well as your enrollment process each year.  It’s located within Settings–>General–>Enrollment Refresh Process.

Enrollment Preparation

IMPORTANT: Before you begin enrollment, please setup and activate your upcoming Enrollment term within Settings-->Fields & Data-->Enrollment Setup.  Click here to learn how.

Along the top, you can set the dates that you’d like to send your enrollment contracts out for your Returning Students and for your New Students.   To the right of the contract dates is a link to sign up for Enrollment Management Training.  To store the contract dates, click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.

Enrollment Refresh Items

Next is your Enrollment Refresh Checklist.  This is a list of items that you need to review for the upcoming enrollment year, to make sure all of your data is up to date.  As you complete items on the list, mark the checkbox along the left.  To review and update each item, click on the link and you will be redirected to the referenced content.  If you need help understanding the page that you’re on, click on the help link along the far right for a help article/video.  To save your progress of completed items, make sure you hit the Save button at the bottom of the page.

  • Tuition and Fees: Review and update your tuition amounts, required and optional fees, payment plans, etc. You can also review what amounts you'd like to include with the deposit within the "amount due" section of the contract/registration form.
  • Contract Form Language: Review and update any language/wording on the Contract/Registration form.
  • Enrollment Forms: Review and update any wording on additional Enrollment forms such as an intent to enroll form, field trip permission form, etc. 
  • Deposit Instructions: Review the deposit amount and payment methods.  
  • Checklist Items and Descriptions: Review your required, optional (parent facing) and internal (school facing only) checklist items and any show/hide rules associated to them. Also review the parent facing description text for each required and optional items.
  • Downloadable Documents: For any documents that are linked within a checklist item description, make sure these are current and up to date for the new school year.  You can replace an existing file with a new version within Settings-->General-->File Management. 
  • Contract Thank You Email: Update the automatic thank you email that gets sent once contracts have been fully submitted. 
  • Enrollment Related Emails: Review and update all other emails sent during the enrollment process such as when contracts are available, checklist completion reminders, etc. 
  • Facts Testing: For schools that are using FACTS, they can test their integration once it's enabled. 

Enrollment Process

Now that everything has been reviewed and updated, you can begin the Enrollment Process for your returning students and for your new students.  Follow the steps in order, and mark the checkbox along the left as you complete each item. If you need help, click on the help link along the far right for an article/video.  Make sure to click save at the bottom of the page to store your progress.

  • The first step is to create and activate the new enrollment year. Click here to learn how.
  • Rollover Returning Students: Using the rollover tool, you'll roll-over all returning kids except the ones marked as mid-year withdrawal. Kids that are not returning for the following year will still need to be rolled over, and then their status can be set to not enrolling (see next step below). 
  • Review Class Roster and Move Not Returning Students to the Appropriate Status: For any students that are not returning for the new year, you still need to roll them over so that they remain active for the prior year.  Once they're been rolled over to the new year, you will then set them to an inactive status of 'not enrolling.'
  • Update any field values that may drive contract tuition, deposits, and fees as well as any specific contract language parents may see: Some examples of non term-based fields include custom tuition assistance and scholarship fields, academic or athletic fees, transportation fees, etc. 
  • Generate & send contracts to returning families: Generate contracts in bulk, review the tuition and fees and send out the enrollment email to your returning families.  This email should include clear instructions for creating/logging into an existing parent portal account, merge fields for authentication codes, and any additional instructions required for your schools process.  If you have dual signatures on contracts. make sure you inform families that they must create 2 different parent portal accounts with two different email addresses in order to sign.
  • Move Accepted students to Enrollment in Progress: The enrollment checklist will become viewable and available to parents in the portal, but they will not have access to the contract until you generate it. 
  • Generate & send contracts to new families: Same as above, but for your new families. 

Additional Resources

  • Click here to learn how to perform rollover for returning students
  • Click here to learn how to move new students (accepted applicants) into enrollment
  • Click here to learn the remaining enrollment process steps for new and returning students
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