Calendar Event searches can be used to find contacts who are registered for an upcoming appointment on a calendar, or who were registered for an event in the past. Please note that this does not track if someone actually attended an event - only that they were registered for it. You would need an attendance sheet at the event, and then manually mark the associated calendar checklist item as complete to track attendance.


To get started, click on the Search & Reports tab at the top of your SchoolAdmin site.

To search by a calendar event, you will set the following criteria:

  • Search criteria type: "Calendar Event".

  • Select specific calendar from the list.

  • Select "is scheduled" or "is not scheduled".

  • Select the desired date or range to search from the list of options provided.

Please note: "Week" date options are defined as Monday through Sunday.

Example Search Scenarios

1.  Find Applicants who have a parent interview scheduled this week.

With this search, you could then add columns for Parent 1 name and phone number to create a directory or contact list.


2.  Find all current Inquiries that have a Tour Date scheduled next week.

With this search, you could then prepare name tags in bulk (using the 'Generate Labels' option in the Communicate menu) and any other materials needed for the tour.

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