Checklist items are applicable to the inquiry, admissions, and enrollment processes, respectively.  Checklist item searches are used to show that an item is complete or incomplete.  You can also search on checklist items by completion date.  Checklist items can be seen on individual contact records as shown below, and in the Parent Portal for you Applicants and for your students in Enrollment.

Checklist Item (by Complete/Incomplete)

To begin your search, select the Term or School Year from the drop-down menu.  This will populate the checklist items specific to the year selected for both Admissions and Enrollment.


To search for checklist items based on their completion status, try the following examples.

Search Scenarios:

1.  Find Applicants who did not complete their personal statement.   You can then send a bulk reminder e-mail to these families.  You can also add columns with parent phone numbers, print the results and then conduct follow-up.


2.  Find Applicants that completed their Application Form but did not complete their Application Fee.

Checklist Item (by Completion Date)

Checklist items can also be searched for by their completion date.  You can search by a set number of days such as within the last 7 days or 30 days as well as by a specific date range.

Search scenarios:

1.  Find Applicants who’s HS Visit date is within the last 7 days so we can send a bulk thank you letter or email.


2.  Look up New and Returning Enrollment in Progress contacts who’s Contract was completed in the last 7 days.  Perhaps you need to regenerate these contracts due to a fee change.

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