An Activity is like a tag or file label for anything you’d like to track that may not be setup on a calendar with registration or on a checklist.  Some examples are an application fee, phone call, etc. You can add, edit, and delete Activity Types within Settings –> General –> Activities.  Activities can be seen on individual contact records as shown below.

To search by the activity type, you will set the following criteria:

  • Date is or is not
  • Timeframe to search by such as last week, next week, next 30 days, etc.


Search scenarios:

1.  Find all contacts whose admissions status for apply year 2015-2016 is currently Applicant, and whose activity “Application Fee” date is next week.

2.  Find Applicants that had a phone call activity within the last 60 days.

3.  Find Inquiries who had an Online Inquiry between two specific dates.

4.  Find Accepted contacts who have an Open House date after today.

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