Enrollment Status includes all status types within the enrollment role.  You can search by the following Enrollment Types:

  • New and Returning Students

  • New Students only

  • Returning Students only

Next, you can search for contacts that are currently in enrollment, or you can search for historical data and select 'became.'

Next, select one or more enrollment status(es) to search on from the drop down menu.

 When performing historical searches using 'became', you can select a timeframe from the drop-down menu.

Search scenarios

  1.  Find new students for the Term 2016-2017 that are currently in a status of enrollment in progress with a contract status of generated.

2. Find new and returning students in the Term 2016-2017 that are currently enrollment in progress with a complete contract and an incomplete deposit.

Change your displayed columns to show the Student ID and Contract Total.

 Click Apply to see your new results display.  You can save this search for future reference and name it Complete Contract/Incomplete Deposit.

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