Search Overview

Within the Search and Reports page, you have more flexibility and can build a search from scratch.  Alternatively, you can filter results within the Admissions and Enrollment List Pages, open those results in search and add or edit your search terms, create different reporting views, and change your displayed columns.  One of the great features of the Search and Reports page is that you can save your searches for future use.  We’ll discuss how to do this in the Saved Searches section.

Types of Search Criteria 

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Please note the Admissions Status, Enrollment Status and both checklist item fields are multi-select so you can add multiple criteria here.

Search Statements

The written statement or natural language of your search terms now displays below the last search criteria next to the “Submit” button.  This is a great way to check your search terms will populate the desired results.

The Search and Reports page also has the ability to perform “OR” searches between criteria.  When building your search, be sure to select if you want “and” or “or” between criteria to populate your desired results!  An “or” search is like building a new search from scratch.  This means that any criteria set above the “or” option will be it’s own search and anything below it will be a second search.  We illustrate this by the white space created once you select “or.”  Let’s take an example:

I want to search for all of my students that have a current enrollment status of Enrollment in Progress AND a financial aid status of requested OR a scholarship status of requested.  Let’s break this down even further:

Criteria 1: Enrollment status is currently enrollment in progress


Criteria 2: Financial aid status is requested


Criteria 3: Scholarship status is requested

We have 3 sets of criteria, however, the first 2 are tied together as 1 search because of the “and” in between them.  The 3rd set of criteria is now it’s own search and is looking for any contact with a scholarship status of requested, but no student type is specified.  If you’d like to see the scholarship status of your enrollment in progress students, you’ll need to add this criteria again, as displayed below.

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