The Admissions Report allows you to compare cumulative counts, as well as conversion, selectivity, and yield rates, from your Admissions Funnel across years or as of a certain date. This report can be accessed within the Search & Reports tab on your SchoolAdmin site.

This report is useful for comparing the impact of your marketing or prospecting efforts. For example, if you had an Open House and you wanted to see what kind of impact that had on your admissions counts, you could type in the date of the Open House and see how your numbers changed before the event versus after. 

How are numbers compiled?

To compile these cumulative counts, we make the assumption that each student has passed through all stages prior to their current stage. For example:

  • If a student is moved from Inquiry directly to Accepted, we count them as having passed through the Applicant and Application Complete stages.

  • If a student enters the system as an Applicant, we count them as having passed through the Inquiry stage.

How-To: Set the Default Reporting Term

The Admissions Report will show funnel counts and rates for the term set as your default reporting term, and the four years prior to that.

If you want to change the default reporting term, navigate to 'Settings' -> 'General' -> 'Terms'. Near the top of this page, you'll see the Default for Reporting drop-down menu, which you can set as desired.

How-To: Understand Funnel Counts & Funnel Rates

Funnel Counts

The first table on the Admissions Report page contains your Funnel Counts. This shows the number of students who passed through each status/stage of your admissions funnel (i.e. Inquiry, Applicant, Application Complete, Accepted, Enrollment, and Enrolled).

By default, the Admissions Report will show the cumulative totals for each apply year (term), so that you can compare your numbers for the current term with the previous four terms. If you want to compare as of a specific date instead, you can use the "Compare cumulative counts as of" option at the top of the page.


Funnel Rates

The second table on the Admissions Report page contains your Funnel Rates. This shows your Yield Comparison for the current term and the previous four terms.


  • Conversion is the percentage of Inquiries that became Applicants.

  • Selectivity is the percentage of Applicants that were Accepted.

  • Yield is the percentage of Accepted Applicants that were Enrolled.


Filter Options

You can use your pre-configured filters on the Admissions Report in order to further filter down the funnel counts or rates by certain student criteria. For example, international vs. domestic students. Simply click the Filter Options button near the top of the page to choose your filters, then click on Apply Filter. If you need filter options added or removed, contact SchoolAdmin Support.

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