Improve your process with on-site consultation & training

SchoolAdmin drives success for hundreds of schools – that’s why we’re known as the Professional’s Choice for Admissions & Enrollment Management.  On-site training empowers your success by giving your team the knowledge to get the most out of SchoolAdmin.

We work with you to create a tailored training program that can include:

  • SchoolAdmin Software mastery
  • Inquiry, Admissions, and Enrollment Process design
  • Building communication plans
  • Using reporting and data to drive informed decisions
  • Implementing a review & decision process using SchoolAdmin Online Review
  • How to increase the number of campus visits while creating a personalized experience

Value of on-site training: Engagement and Connection

Often times, Admissions staff don’t take the time to meet for extended periods of time to evaluate their process together and figure out how SchoolAdmin can help facilitate this with ease while managing relationships with students and families.  This makes on-site training more productive because there’s less distractions, which strengthens the learning curve. 

Although web-based training is beneficial and efficient for targeted training topics, complete engagement may suffer due to phone calls and interruptions.  Face-to-face interaction leads to better understanding and re-call of concepts learned, while also allowing schools to evaluate their process as a team and collaborate on ideas.  Attendees leave the training with greater confidence in using SchoolAdmin, energized with a new perspective, unified as a team, and excited to apply what they’ve learned!

Email for availability and to learn more about how on-site training can benefit your school!

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