There are 3 ways a parent’s portal account password can be reset:

Parent Reset

The parent can click on “forgot password” at the log-in page of the parent portal.

They’ll be asked to enter the email address they used to create their account. If they’re not sure, they can call the school and you can locate this information in the Households–>Parent Portal Access tab of the student record.  Once they enter the email address in, they’ll be emailed instructions with how to reset their password.

Admin Reset from the Student Record

Parent Portal passwords can be reset within the student record.  Go to Households (1)–>Parent Portal Access (2).  Then click on the reset password (3) link under the “send password reset” column.  You can also see what email address the parent used to create their account under the parent portal account column.

After clicking on the reset password link, you’ll be asked to confirm that you want an email sent to that parent’s email account.  Make sure the parent/guardian knows which email account to check for the password reset email and to log-in with in the parent portal.  Click OK to proceed.

Admin Reset from the Parent Portal Accounts Page

Go into Settings (1) –> Portal (2) –> Parent Portal Accounts (3).

Click on Filter Options (1) to search by name or email.  Click Apply Filter (2) to narrow your results.

Then click on Reset Password (1) next to the parent name and they’ll receive an email with instructions on how to do so.  Click on Edit (2) if you need to update the parent’s first or last name, or email address.  You can also Delete (3) a parent portal account from this page.


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