The Parent Portal is the starting point for a parent to fill out the Admissions Application.  It’s also the place that they’ll return to, to access the Applicant Checklist so they know what items are required of them for their student to become a status of “Application Complete.”  Parent’s can either create a new account as a first time user (shown belong along the right), or sign into an existing account (shown below along the left).

If the parent clicks on “Create an Account” along the right,

the parent will then fill out their name, email and password (minimum of 8 characters) and click “Create Account.”

Admissions Process

A new parent user will see a button in green that says “Begin admissions process.”

Once they click on it, they will be brought to the Application Form.

If the parent has an Existing Account, they can sign in with their email and password.

If they have other students going through the Admissions and/or Enrollment Process, they can click on “Add a new student” to start the Application Form.

Enrollment Process

Once a contract has been generated and the parent is asked to start the enrollment process, the parent can log in and see their enrollment checklist.

Enrollment Checklist

After the parent/guardian successfully logs in, they’ll see their student(s) listed in the Portal.  To access the checklist, they’ll click on the Continue Enrollment Process button (1).  The checklist progress bar (2) will fill in with green as items are completed on the checklist, which is the same way it displays on the Admin side within the Enrollment List Page.  The parent/guardian can also see how many items are left to complete (3) as they work through the checklist.  If they click View Checklist (4) this will open the enrollment checklist  in the same manner as the continue enrollment process button.

Once parents view their Enrollment Checklist, a best practice is to have the Contract at the top of the list.  If you need to manage your checklist order or items, click here to learn how.  To open the contract, they’ll click on the Complete Form (1) button.  You may have some checklist items that require form uploads (2) such as a Physician’s Report or Immunization Records.  Any Online Forms (3) such as a Field Trip Permission Form or an Emergency Contacts and Allergy Form will auto-populate fields of information that were captured during the Applicant phase.  The parent can edit these fields as needed within the form and they’ll update accordingly in your site once the form is submitted.

The Deposit (4) checklist item will be marked off as complete once the parent submits their payment information unless it’s an item that you need to confirm such as receipt of payment by check.  Credit card payments and electronic check payments will mark this item as complete automatically.  Once you receive the check in the mail for the deposit, you can mark this item off as complete for the family within the student record or in bulk in the Enrollment List Page, which will also update the checklist item as complete within the Parent Portal.

Enrollment Contract

On the first page of the Contract, parents/guardians select any of their additional fee amounts and a payment plan.  The contract will show how much money is due minus the deposit, and it will ask for an electronic signature at the bottom.  If there’s any additional pages to the Contract, the parent/guardian will fill these out as well.  Any online forms that are included as part of the Contract will auto populate fields of information that were captured in the system during the Application process.  Parents can select “Save and Finish Later” at any point before submitting any payments.  If the parent opens the contract, it will change from a status of Generated to a status of In Progress.  However, if the parent completes all pages of the Contract up to the point of the Deposit page, the contract will go into a status of PendingPayment.

The final page of your contract is the Deposit page.  The parent will select their method of payment, fill out any necessary fields and click the corresponding payment button to submit the contract and deposit.  At this point, the Contract moves into a status of Submitted and the parent can no longer go back into the Contract to make changes.  The deposit checklist item will also be marked off as complete once the payment method and information has been submitted.  As a reminder, if the parent is paying by check and mailing it to the school, you will need to mark this item off as complete from the Admin side upon receipt.  This can be done individually within the Student Record or in bulk within the Enrollment List Page within Edit –> Update Checklist.  

A recommended search within your Enrollment List Page –> Filter Options is to look for a Complete Checklist Item of Contract and anIncomplete Checklist Item of Deposit.  This way you can send a bulk communication to families that need to submit their deposit by a certain deadline.

Once the contract has been submitted, the parent/guardian will be brought to a Contract Thank you Page which can be customized withinSettings –> Portal –> Parent Portal Content –> Contract Thank You.  A best practice is to direct the parent/guardian back to the Enrollment Checklist for completion.

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