To learn how to manage your checklists and implement the best practices below, please review the checklist management article.

Make sure each item has detailed instructions for what the parent needs to do and how an item will be marked as complete.

You should always include instructions for the parent stating what action needs to be taken and by whom (them or you as the admin) for an item to be marked off as complete.  For items that require documents to be mailed in such as a medical immunization form or an application fee check, the best practice is to include a description that states once your receive the form or check, the school will mark the item off as complete.

Have paper forms created as online forms

Within the checklist, we can build an unlimited amount of supplemental forms such as a personal statement form, a parent questionnaire, a handbook acknowledgement form, etc.  Any paper forms that you currently use should be given to us so that we may turn them into online forms which can be filled out online and tracked within the system.  Checklist items can then be built around these forms, and the item will be marked off as complete once the parent completes the form online.  Please note there are a few forms that we are unable to replicate due to the nature of the form such as a state form that needs to be on state paper, a medical form that require’s a physician’s signature, or a transcript release form which requires a handwritten signature.  In these instances, we can assign an “Upload” button for the files to be uploaded to the site.

Tie your admissions calendars to the Applicant Checklist

Just like the Inquiry Checklist, we also support calendar and appointment booking functionality within the Application Checklist, which sends both a confirmation and a reminder email to the appointment contact.  The parent can book themselves for the event through the checklist, or you can book them for the event from your side if you have the parent on the phone.  You can also update or change their appointment from your side if requested.

Utilize required, optional, and internal checklist items

Required checklist items are all of the items that must be met for the child to be considered Inquiry Complete, Application Complete, or Enrolled. The checklist progress bar fills up in green as required items are marked complete.  These are viewable to both the parent and the school.

You have the capability to add optional checklist items for the parents that don't need to be marked complete for their child to move into Inquiry Complete, Application Complete, or Enrolled statuses.  These items do not effect the green progress bar of the checklist as they are marked complete.  Optional items are viewable to both the parent and the school.  Some examples are:

  • Attend Open House
  • Student Visit Day
  • Upload a student photo

If you need checklist items that are hidden from the parent and only viewable to the school, you can set these items as internal.  These items do not effect the green progress bar of the checklist as they are marked complete. Some examples are:

  • Reviewed and Approved Transcript
  • Sent Acceptance Letter
  • Interview Notes: This can be an internal facing online form for schools to fill out.

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