Tuition and Contract Management

The Student Record allows you to Preview Tuition and Fee amounts, generate the contract, re-generate the contract or delete the contract if necessary from the corresponding options within the Edit menu.  If a contract has not yet been generated for the student, you’ll have the option to generate it.  However, if you already generated the contract, this option will automatically change to regenerate contract. 

Manage Contract Action Menu

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Tuition Override

Update Tuition Override within the Student Record

You can override the existing and rule-based Tuition amounts within the Student record.  If you need to pro-rate a tuition amount for mid-year enrollment, you can now manually set the amount.  Go to the Admissions Tab (1) of the Student Record, then locate the Tuition Override field (2), and click Edit Fields (3) in the upper right.

Then type in the Tuition Override amount (1) in the designated field and click Save Edits (2) to apply this amount.  The dollar amount you entered will then overwrite any default Tuition amounts in the contract once you generate it or regenerate it.

Update Tuition Override in Bulk

Tuition Override can also be set in bulk within the Enrollment List Page –> Students in Enrollment.  Apply filter options if needed, select your students in bulk, and then click on Edit (1) –> Update a Field (2).

Click on Select a Field (1) and start typing Tuition Override (2).  Once it displays in the list, select it (3).

Enter your Tuition Override Amount (1) and click Next (2).

A confirmation message will display.  Once you confirm this is the update you’d like to make, click Update and all of your selected students will now have a Tuition Override amount set.

Change Enrollment Type

Within the Student Record, you can also change the Enrollment Type for your Enrolled Students by going into Edit –> Change Enrollment Type.  From here you can select New or Returning.  The enrollment type for the Term selected is indicated by the check mark.

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