The contact record is the place to go for detailed information about each contact in your system, but it is also customizable. This article will list the different ways that you can customize contact records in the SchoolAdmin system to best meet your school's unique needs, and help you see the information that matters most to you at a glance.

Click here for an overview of the contact record.


How-To: Customize the Contact Record

Contact Widget: This is the area above the checklist in the contact record that can be customized to display any fields of information you want.

Create Custom Activities: Learn how to add, edit, and delete the activity types that are set within the student record under Recent Activity.

Fields & Groupings: Learn how to customize what fields display in the Personal and Admissions tabs of the student record and for what contact roles. 

Dynamic Checklists: Learn how to add, edit, and manage checklist items for the Inquiry, Admissions, and Enrollment process.


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