The Households Tab of the contact record is where you can view and access household information and parent portal account access related to the contact you're currently viewing.

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How-To: Use the Households Tab

When you are viewing a specific student's contact record within SchoolAdmin, you can access their Personal tab by clicking on it from the list of tabs at the top of the page.

Image of a Contact Record header with the Households tab highlighted.

(Please note: Your available tabs may differ from what is displayed above, based on the modules you are using).

Once on the Households tab, you can access the sub-tabs listed below. Click any of the sub-tab names for more information!

  • Household Details: This is where you can update existing household addresses, remove households (after moving everyone to an existing or new household), or create new households.

  • Parent Portal Access: This is where you can manage parent portal account authentication and password resets, access to the student/checklist in the parent portal, and financial responsibility/financial splits.

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