The Admissions tab of the contact record is where you can view and edit all fields that are displayed within a certain set of field groupings. 

Important: These field groupings will only display for admin accounts where the 'Admission' permission is set within the 'Admin Accounts' page.  Within this page, you can perform the following actions:

Show All (1): This option will display all fields that have been completed and that are incomplete within this tab.

Show only Completed (2): This option will display only the fields that have been filled out.  All remaining fields will be hidden from view.

Field Groupings (3): The admissions tab displays the groupings listed below:

  • Prospect: This includes fields such as prospect status, expected entry grade and expected entry year.
  • Inquiry: This includes fields such as the 'what questions can we answer' field, referral method and any other related fields for your Inquiry process. 
  • Application: This includes fields such as is international, sibling at school, referral method, application submit date, etc. 
  • Education: This includes fields such as previous school, previous school address, etc. 
  • Interests: This includes fields such as academic interests, athletic interests, etc. 
  • Events: This includes fields such as tour guide name, shadow day host, etc.
  • Programs: This includes pre-k programs, nursery programs, etc. 
  • Interview: This includes fields such as Interviewer name, interview notes, etc. 
  • Review: This includes fields such as decline reason, review decision, etc.
  • Testing: This includes test score fields such as test 1 math, test 1 verbal, test 1 reading, test 1 date, etc. 

To learn what fields are assigned to each grouping in your site, read the article on Field & Data settings.

Edit Fields (4):
This button allows you to edit/update all of the fields within the page.

In edit mode, you can update any fields that were incorrectly filled out on a form by a parent, update information to make it current, or fill out a field that’s internal facing only. Please note: updating fields within the contact record do NOT update the information that was filled out on the form.  Fields on forms are saved as is and do not update unless a new form is submitted as a replacement.  Once you’re done, click save edits in the upper right or near the bottom of the page.

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