The personal tab of the contact record is where you can view and edit all fields that are displayed within a certain set of field groupings.  To customize what fields display in this tab, click here for the article on how to edit the contact layout.  Within this page, you can perform the following actions:

Show All (1): This option will display all fields that have been completed and that are incomplete within this tab.

Show Completed Only (2): This option will display only the fields that have been filled out.  All remaining fields will be hidden from view.

Field Groupings (3): The personal tab displays the following groupings: 

  • Personal Information: This is used for personal details on the contact such as name, age, birthdate, previous school, academic/athletic interests, etc.  Please note, the personal information grouping will display information that's related to that contact.  For example, an applicant's record will display the applicants name and email, however, the parent record will display the parent's name and email.   
  • Citizenship & International: This includes fields such as citizenship, is international, agency name, agency address, etc. 
  • Contact Information: This includes phone number, email address, etc.  
  • Emergency Contact: This includes the name, phone number, email address, and any other details for a child's emergency contact(s).
  • Medical:  This includes emergency contact names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.
  • Alumni: This grouping includes alumni relative names, relationships, graduation years, etc.
  • ID field: This includes FACTS student Id, Powerschool Id, Raisers Edge Id, etc.  *Please note, this grouping will only display if the Admin account has the 'data' permission checked in the Admin Accounts page. 
  • Secure: This is typically used if a school is collecting social security numbers. It can also be used to group fields with more sensitive information such as interview notes so that information is visible only to a smaller group of admins.  *Please note, this grouping will only display if the Admin account has the 'secure' permission checked in the Admin Accounts page.
  • Work Information: This displays within a Parent record and contains fields such as business name, profession, and job title. 

To learn what fields are assigned to each grouping in your site, read the article on Field & Data settings.

Edit Fields (4):
This button allows you to edit/update all of the fields within the page.

In edit mode, you can update any fields that were incorrectly filled out on a form by a parent, update information to make it current, or fill out a field that’s internal facing only. Once you’re done, click save edits in the upper right or near the bottom of the page.

Please note: updating fields within the contact record do NOT update the information that was filled out on the form.  Fields on forms are saved as is and do not update unless a new form is submitted as a replacement.  

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