Label templates are traditionally used for mailings; however, they can also be used to create name tags for any events you have or create folder labels for any hard copy documents you are keeping for students. In this article, we will discuss how to create new label templates, manage your existing ones, and generate labels for students.


How-To: Create & Manage Label Templates

You can access and manage your label templates by navigating to 'Settings' -> 'Communication' -> 'Label Templates' in your SchoolAdmin site. On this page, you will see a list of all of your existing label templates and you have the options to:

  • Create a new label template: Click on the green 'Add a new mailing label template' button above your list of templates.

  • Edit or delete an existing label template: Click on the blue Edit or Delete button to the right of the template you want to edit or delete.

Choosing to add a new label template or edit an existing label template will bring up the Edit Template window.

Within this window, you have access to the following options:

  • Name: Set a name for or rename the template. This is the name that you will see in your list of label templates. They are organized alphabetically.

  • Type: Set the type of labels that you will be printing on after generation. Please refer to the chart at the bottom of this article for additional information on label types.

  • Font size: Set the default size of the font for this label template. This can be adjusted on the fly when you generate your labels.

  • Add text and data from the system: You can type directly into the text box or use the merge token picker to pull in dynamic data from the system. To learn about which types of merge tokens work in label templates, click here.

  • Close: This will close the window without saving your changes.

  • Save: This will save your changes. Be sure to click this button when you are done creating your template or making your desired edits! Unsaved templates or changes cannot be recovered.

Note on Images

We do not currently support image placement in labels. If you need an image on your labels (e.g. a school logo), we recommend pre-printing the image on the label before generating the PDF of labels in SchoolAdmin.

Parent Name Tags

Since Label Templates do not have the recipient category, it cannot be used to populate parent names in labels. However, if you want to build parent name-tags, you can use any of the following options:

  • Manually type in the following merge field to display Parent 1's name: {{contact.parent1.name}}. The same format can be followed for parents 2-4, and name subfields are available to you as well (e.g. first_name).

  • Use the Merge Field Picker or type in any of the contact.salutation merge fields, e.g. {{contact.salutation_first_and_last_names}}. Note: If no parent names are found, this will pull in the default salutation as configured under Basic Setup.

  • Pull in the student's name with labels that say "Parents of {{contact.first_name}} {{contact.last_name}}".


How-To: Generate Labels

You can generate labels in bulk from a list page / search, or from an individual student's contact record. In either case, you will start by clicking on the green Communicate button to pull up the communications menu. Then, select Generate Labels and pick your desired label template from the list of options.

After choosing your label template, the Generate Labels window will appear, and you can set the options available for that template before generating a PDF to print. Read below for a description of all of these options.

  • Addressee: Set the addressee to be either the contact (student), their parents, or choose a predefined salutation. This option will only display for mailing label templates.

  • Font size: Set the font size for your labels. This will pull in the default font size set on the template, but you can click on the blue number to change it.

  • Alignment: Set the alignment for your labels (i.e. left, center, right, or justified).

  • Using Partially-Used Label Sheet: Set this to 'Yes' if you want to print to a partially used label sheet. Selecting 'Yes' will allow you to set the row and column on the sheet where you want your labels to start.

  • Cancel: To cancel the label generation and exit out of the window.

  • Generate Labels: To generate the PDF of your labels once you are ready. When you click this button, the system will automatically download a PDF document of the labels to your computer.

Printing Generated Labels

Once you have successfully generated the labels and have the file downloaded onto your computer, follow these steps to print your labels:

  1. Open the downloaded file in a PDF viewer such as Preview (Apple computers) or Adobe (Windows computers).

  2. Check the file to make sure the font size is appropriate for the data printed (e.g. long names wrapping to a new line, city/state/zip wrapping to a second line).

  3. Prior to printing, make sure you have selected the “Actual Size” or “100% scale” option. Do not choose Scale to Fit, Fill Entire Page, or Fit.

  4. Print a test page. Some label templates are sensitive to which way is up when the page is inserted into the printer.

  5. Print the full file of labels.


Supported Label Types

Below is a matrix of supported label templates along with usage information. Click here to access this information in a downloadable image. Please note: Size information below is displayed in inches, height x width.

Label Template


Compatible Label Styles

Avery® 5160

Common Usage:
Mailing Label

Size: 1 x 2 - 5/8

Recommended Font Size:

9pt or 10pt for a 3-line label. Do not use larger than 11pt or the city / state / zip will wrap.

5160, 5260, 5520, 5620, 5630, 5660, 5810, 5960, 6240, 6241, 6970, 8160, 8215, 8250, 8460, 8620, 8660, 8810, 8860, 8920, 15160, 15510, 15660, 16460, 18160, 18260, 18660, 22837, 28660, 32660, 38260, 45160, 48160, 48260, 48360, 48460, 48860, 48960, 55160, 55260, 55360, 58160, 58260, 58660, 75160, 80509, 85560, 88560, 95915.

Avery® 5366

Common Usage:

Name Tag

Size: 2/3 x 3 - 7/16

Recommended Font Size:

14pt to 16pt. Do not use more than 18pt or the name is likely to wrap.

5029, 5268, 5366, 5368, 5378, 5566, 6505, 8066, 8478, 8590, 15266, 45366, 48266, 48366, 75366.

Avery® 5384

Common Usage:

Name Tag or Large Mailing Label

Size: 3 x 4

Recommended Font Size:

If full name is on one line only, 16pt. If first and last name are split between two lines, 24pt or 28pt.

5384, 5392, 5393, 74459, 74536, 74540, 74541, 78617, 78619.

Avery® 5395

Common Usage:

Name Tag or Large Mailing Label

Size: 3.375 x 2.3125

Recommended Font Size:

If full name is on one line only, 16pt. If first and last name are split between two lines, 24pt or 28pt.

5395, 8395, 15395, 25395, 42395, 45395, 48395, 85395, 88395.

Avery® 5961

Common Usage:

Address Label or Large File Folder Label

Size: 1 x 4

Recommended Font Size:

For address, 9pt or 10pt for a 3-line label. Do not use larger than 11pt or the city / state/ zip will wrap.

For file folder, 14pt to 16pt. Do not use more than 18pt or the name is likely to wrap.

5161, 5261, 5961, 8161, 8461, 5661, 18661, 15661.

Avery® 5163

Common Usage:

Name Tag or Large Mailing Label

Size: 2 x 4

Recommended Font Size:

12pt or 14pt for a 3-line label. Do not use larger than 16pt or the parent name or city / state / zip will likely wrap.

5163, 5263, 5663, 5963, 8163, 8253, 8363, 8463, 8563, 8663, 8923, 15163, 15563, 15663, 18163, 18663, 18863, 28663, 38363, 38863, 48163, 48263, 48363, 48463, 48863, 55163, 55263, 55363, 55463, 58163, 58263, 85563, 95910, 95945.

Avery® 5162

Common Usage:
Mailing Label

Size: 1-1/3 x 4

Recommended Font Size:

9pt or 10pt for a 3-line label. Do not use larger than 11pt or larger or the city / state / zip will wrap.

5162, 5262, 5662, 5962, 8162, 8252, 8462, 8662, 15162, 15662, 18162, 18262, 18662, 48462, 48862, 88662, 95662.


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