Term-based fields are fields within the system that contain historic data based on the term selected for the page you’re working on within SchoolAdmin. These fields hold unique sets of data for each academic year. These fields will be cleared ONLY for the new enrollment year once it is activated, but data from previous years will still be maintained. 

Any fields outside of the ones listed below will require a manual reset each year, unless they are custom term-based fields. For more information on custom term-based fields, read on below. Click here to learn more about non-term-based fields and how to clear them.

List of Standard Term-Based Fields

Below is a full list of the term-based fields that store data per term and will reset/clear out automatically each year:

  • grade_id

  • apply_year_id

  • apply_grade_id (same as grade_id)

  • enroll_grade_id (same as grade_id)

  • status

  • enrollment_type

  • waitlist_position

  • role

  • deposit_amount_paid

  • deposit_payment_method

  • tuition_override

  • deposit_override

  • application_fee_waiver

  • financial_aid_amount

  • financial_aid_request

  • financial_aid_amount_request

  • financial_aid_status

  • scholarship_amount

  • scholarship_status

  • application_submit_date

  • inquiry_submit_date

  • contract_submit_date

  • application_fee_paid

  • application_fee_method

  • entry_date & exit_date

  • contract_state

Custom Term-Based Fields

When creating or editing a custom field, you have the option to designate it as term-based by selecting the "Term-based" checkbox. Just like the standard term-based fields referenced above, when a custom field is designated as term-based, it will hold unique a set of data for each academic year.

To make a field "Term-based" go to Settings-->Fields & Data-->Fields. Select edit next to the field and mark the checkbox for "Term-based" and select "Submit".

When working with custom term-based fields, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • You can NOT remove the term-based designation from a field. Once it has been configured as term-based, it must remain that way.

  • Existing custom fields CAN be changed to term-based. If you change an existing field to term-based, the current value for any student that has data in the field will be copied to every term for which the student has data. You can then change data for each past term as needed.

  • In Search, the field will only display data for the selected term. If you want to view historical data for the field, you will need to update the term.

  • Any field that is designated as term-based will NOT carry data forward to the next term.

  • Any existing standard fields (like email, name, relationship, etc.) can NOT be made term-based

  • ID Fields can NOT be made term-based

  • Term based fields may only be mapped to the student as parents and other entities do not have a term.

  • What happens when I copy or move a child to a different term? When moving or copying a record between terms, we will copy data in ALL term-based fields (standard and custom) into the new term (whether moving forward or backward).

If you are unsure of the best way to utilize the custom term-based field functionality, please consult with our Support team who would be happy to review your needs and come up with the best solution.

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