A Term is defined as a school year.  Some schools use terms by this definition, while others have programs that are longer or shorter in duration.  

Enrollment and Term-Based Fields

In Enrollment, the Terms modal is used to store data on a year over year basis.  There's a standard list of term-based fields within SchoolAdmin that contain historic data based on the term selected for the page you’re working on.  These fields reset and are cleared out automatically each year.  Click here for a list.  Non term-based fields, especially those that drive tuition and fees will need to be cleared out each year.  Click here to learn how.

Terms Management

Default Year for Reporting

Select the current term each year as the default year for reporting so that all list pages (admissions and enrollment) and search and reports default to the year selected in the terms drop-down menu. 

Add a New Term

Click on 'add a new term' in green in the upper left to create a new term (school year) in your site.  

Set the Display Name for the Term which is how the term is displayed or named throughout your site in the term drop-down menu, on forms, and in search.  Next, set the Start Year which is the year the Term begins.  You can follow the format of existing terms in your site if you're not sure.  To save the term, click Submit.

Term details can be updated when clicking on the Edit pencil in the far right column.

Terms Available on Inquiry and Application Forms

Once the terms have been setup, you can manage what years show up on inquiry forms and application forms by setting the toggle to 'yes' or 'no' as needed for each form.  Changes will be saved automatically.  It's a best practice to turn off old years and stay up to date with current/future years for your forms.  Hover over the 'i' for explanation text. 

Now that the terms have been setup, you should review the checklists and forms associated to each term within Settings –>Checklists to ensure these items are up to date for any newly created or activated years.  Click here for the Help Article on Checklist Management.

Data Management

The 'Data Management' column along the right is only viewable to System Admin's.  This column will not display for Admins, Users, or Limited Users.  This tool let's you manage what review and/or checklist item data you'd like to retain or remove for each term.  This is useful for schools that want to 'purge' their system of certain forms and uploaded documents year over year or for schools that want to clear our review data from prior years for re-applicants.  

  • Click on the red pencil next to the term you want to purge from to get started.
  • The 'manage data retention' dialogue box will display.  Check off the boxes for all items you wish to permanently delete.
  • Click 'confirm' at the bottom.
  • To complete the process, you will be asked to confirm that you understand this data cannot be recovered.  Type in the word 'DELETE' and then click on the 'submit' button, which will become available once the word is typed.

Audit History

To see an audit history of all deleted data, click on the icon next to the 'Data Management' column header. 

In the audit log you can view a history of all data that was deleted including when it took place, the term, name of the user that completed the action and what items were deleted.

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