The Activity Items setup page is where you can manage existing activities and create new ones that you would like to track. Watch this overview video or read on to learn more.


How-To: Add, Remove, & Manage Activity Items

To access the setup page for your activities, navigate to Settings -> General -> Activity Items. Click the green Add a New Activity Item button (or the plus+ button) to create any new activity items you want (e.g. Sent Viewbook, Sent Open House Invite).

On this page, you will see a list of all of your Activity Items with the following columns:

  • Name: Display name of the Activity Item.

  • System Name: Internal name of the activity used behind the scenes by the system. This cannot be changed.

  • Type: Any activities you create will have a Custom type. All system activities, such as online inquiry and online application, will have a Standard type. Standard-type activities are default activities in the system and cannot be deleted.

  • Actions: For Standard activity types, no action can be taken since they are set up as system defaults. For all Custom activity types, you can click on the blue pencil icon to edit an existing activity. or click on the red X icon to make an activity inactive.

If you choose to make an activity item inactive, it will move to the Removed Activity Items section. Click into this section at the bottom of the page to see any previously inactivated activity items. You can also use the green button to the right of any item to restore it to the list of active items.


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