The Grades page is where you can manage the advancement and admissions settings of all grade levels.  Grades can be turned on and off for collecting applications in the Parent Portal by toggling between yes and no under the “Collect Applications” column (1).  You can also turn the Auto-Waitlist on and off for each grade (2).  This will automatically waitlist any student that applies for that grade level.  Under the Actions column (3), you can Edit the details for each grade or you can select “Make Inactive” for any grades that you do not offer at your school.  If you need to change the order of your grades, you can drag and drop them to the desired position by clicking and holding on the grade abbreviation.

Edit Grade Details

If you click Edit next to each grade under the Actions menu, a new window will open up.  Here you can view the Grade Details (1) such as the abbreviation of the grade, full name of the grade and the school level for each grade. Under Grade Advancement Options (2), you can select what happens by default when a student completes a grade. You can pick what grade they automatically advance to, graduate them from the school, or keep them in that grade until you advance them manually.  Within the Admissions Settings (3), you can turn Application Collection on and off and Auto-Waitlist on and off by checking or unchecking the associated box.  Last, you can click Submit (4) to apply any changes you made.

Grade Fields

Within your site, there are multiple grade fields that you will see within the Search and Reports page under the “contact record data (everything else)” search criteria and within your change display/columns field list.  Below is a list of potential display names that you may see in your site and an explanation of each.  If you’d like to edit the display names (how the field displays in your system) of your fields, navigate to Settings–>Fields and Data–>Fields.  Then click on filter options, type “grade” in the search box and click on apply filters.  You can then select edit along the right to modify the display name of these fields if needed.

  • Grade at time of Application = Current Grade: Both of these fields (you should have one or the other) show the grade that the student is currently in, not the grade that they are applying for or enrolling for.

The following 3 fields pull the same information and will give you the same search results.  They are filled in at various points of the Admissions process, and are labeled accordingly:

  • Grade: The grade the student is applying for or is enrolling/enrolled for.

  • Apply Grade/Grade Apply: The grade the student is applying for.

  • Enroll Grade: The grade the student is enrolling/enrolled for.

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