Schools or groups who purchase multiple different SchoolAdmin sites may choose to organize them in a Supersite/Subsite configuration. Some examples include:

  • Diocese schools

  • Schools with multiple campuses or locations

Setting a Supersite/Subsite configuration grants admins and users on the Supersite access to some extra functionality, such as the subsite picker, auto-created accounts on all subsites, and roll-up funnel reporting. Read on below for more information.

How-To: Use Supersite Functionality

Quickly navigate to Subsites from the Supersite

One of the primary functions of the Supersite is to allow admins/users on the site to easily jump to any of the linked subsites. Supersite users can click the icon in the upper right of the admin portal to see a picklist of all linked subsites. Clicking on any of the schools in this list will take the user directly to the admin portal for that subsite.


Inherited Admin Portal Accounts and permissions on all Subsites

Admin Portal Accounts created on the Supersite will be cascaded down to all Subsites, so that Supersite users don't have to manually create accounts on each of the Subsites. In addition, the Subsite account permissions will be inherited from the Supersite account.

When viewing the Admin Portal Accounts page for a Subsite, any accounts that were inherited from the Supersite will have 'Supersite' listed in the Source column. Accounts that were created directly on the Subsite will have a blank Source column.

Please note: Account information and permissions for accounts inherited from the Supersite cannot be edited from a Subsite. To make changes, go to the Admin Portal Accounts page on the Supersite.


Roll-up funnel reporting on Supersites

On the Supersite, a special report called the Funnel Report will be available within the Search & Reports tab. This report aggregates and displays admissions funnel data from all Subsite schools so that you can view each school's progress towards their enrollment goals, as well as your total numbers across all schools, at a glance.

There are two views for the report. The default view compares the numbers from the selected year to the previous year. Clicking the percentage sign (%) button in the top right corner switches to a view that shows conversion, selectivity, yield, and retention percentages for each school as students move through the funnel.

To export the funnel report into a .CSV file, click the Export button towards the upper right corner. The file will download automatically when it's ready.

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