One of the benefits of SchoolAdmin Payments is the ability to issue full or partial refunds to parents/guardians directly within the SchoolAdmin system. Electronic check or credit card payments can be refunded from the Payment History page. Read on below to learn how.

There is no charge for refunding a payment in SchoolAdmin Payments. However, any convenience fee assessed on the payment will not be refunded. You may choose to either withhold this amount from the parent refund or cover the cost.

There is no time limit for refunding a transaction. All refunds initiated will be withheld from future payouts to your school, even if you don't currently have a payout pending. If you initiate a refund and then never receive another payout, you will be billed directly for the cost of the refund.

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How-To: Refund a Payment in SchoolAdmin Payments

Refunds can be issued from the Payment History page, found within 'Settings' -> 'Financial' in your SchoolAdmin site.

Once you are on the Payment History page, locate the payment that you want to refund in the list by browsing or using the 'Search Options' menu to narrow down the list based on criteria such as name or transaction number.

After locating the payment you want to refund, click the down arrow in the rightmost column (next to 'Show'), then select Issue Refund.

The Refund Payment window will appear. In this window, you can select the Reason for the refund (Duplicate, Customer Requested, Fraudulent, or Other) and whether you want to refund the Full Amount or a Partial Amount.

If you select to refund a partial amount, you will be asked to input the specific amount you want to refund. Note: If you issue a partial refund for a payment, you can still issue additional refunds for it later until the full amount of the transaction is refunded.

If there are multiple billing categories in the payment, you will be able to enter the amount you want to refund from each. For example, if the payment included Tuition and Deposit, you could refund $50 from Deposit and $50 from Tuition.

Click Submit once you have made your selections. You will then be asked to confirm the amount of and reason for the refund.

Review the information, and then click Confirm to complete the refund. Please note that refunds can take 5-10 days to appear on a statement.

The original payment will remain on the Payment History page. Within the Payment Details window (accessible by clicking on 'Show' to the right of the payment), you can view the details of the original purchase as well as the refund under the Transactions heading.

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