There are two main ways to review a history of the emails sent through SchoolAdmin:

  • Sent Emails page: You can see a log of all emails successfully sent through the system on the Sent Emails page within 'Settings' -> 'Communication'.

Read on below to learn more about these options!

To review emails that failed to send, check the Failed Emails page.

How-To: View an Individual Contact’s Email History

Please note: System Emails will NOT be logged on the contact record. However, this history can be viewed from the Sent Emails page.

You can find logs of recent emails sent to a specific contact within the Recent Activity section on the Summary tab of their contact record.

You can use the “Show” icons to display only emails, by clicking the Notes icon and the Activities icon off (they’ll turn grey), leaving the email icon selected.

You can find the full history of emails sent to a contact on the contact record either by clicking on the “See full activity history” link under the Recent Activity section (as shown below) or by clicking on the History page of the contact record.

You can use the “Select to show/hide” icons on the History page to display only emails, by clicking the other icons off (they’ll turn grey), leaving the Email icon selected.

How-To: View All Email History from Sent Emails

Within 'Settings' -> 'Communication' -> 'Sent Emails', you can view a log of all emails that have been sent in bulk and individually from the system.

Using the filter options on this page, you have the ability to search for particular emails by keywords in the subject, the recipient’s email address, the name of the contact emailed, or the contact on whose behalf it was sent.  Below the filter options, you can see when the email was sent, the recipient’s email, the email subject, the contact name that was emailed, and who the email was sent on behalf of.  Along the far right are your email actions.

  • Click on 'show' to view the email that was sent in a read-only mode.

  • Click on 'resend,'  and you can resend the email. Please note that you cannot edit the contents of the email or the recipient's email address.  Clicking resend will resend the email without a preview screen. 

Please note: CC and BCC emails will not appear as separate entries on the Sent Emails page. You can view the details for any individual email to see what email addresses were CC'd or BCC'd.

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