You can download and print various forms in bulk such as the Inquiry form, the Application, Contracts and even custom forms such as Teacher Recommendations or Field Trip Permission Forms within the bulk Download (1) menu.  Navigate through the submenus (2) and then select the desired form (3) you wish to download and print.  If there are no forms to download, you will be notified.

Print Options

Once you’ve selected the form you’d like to download and print, you can set some printing options as described below.

  1.  Font Size: Here you have 2 font size options.  Standard is 8pt which is approximately  and Large is 10.
  2. Pages to Include: If you’re printing a document with multiple labeled pages, you can either print the entire document or you can select which pages you wish to print from the drop-down menu.
  3. Form Options: Here you can include page numbers, repeat the header on every page, include page breaks between each form page and/or include the contact portrait (if available)!  Please note, if you include the contract portrait, the file size will double. 
  4. Download Options: When printing forms in bulk you can download them as one large PDF file or you can download a ZIP file, which will create a separate PDF for each student’s form, and it will include their name in the file name.
  5. Generate:  Once you’ve set your printing options, click Generate.  If you need to exit out of this menu, you can click Cancel.

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