When a reader logs in, they will be presented with their Review List Page, which will show all outstanding candidates left to be reviewed within the “My Assigned Reviews” tab and any completed reviews will show up in the “My Completed Reviews” tab.

The Reader can start by clicking on the green 'Review' button to the left of any student names on the list.

The first thing Readers will see is the Candidate’s Cover Sheet.  They can review the information on the Cover Sheet, including the demographics and key information at the top of the cover sheet. 

If you have candidates that re-applied or left and came back later on, you can select the review year from the drop down menu in the upper right of the candidate cover sheet. This means you can also view reviews from previous years. 

All reader comments left during the review will be summarized in the cover sheet, as well as the reader scores entered on the last page of the review packet.  The review scores can also be edited from this page.  Readers may start reading by clicking on the green “Start Reading” button in the bottom right.

On each document, Readers can type comments.  Comments are automatically saved as they are typed.  Only the Reader and the administrators can see a Reader’s comments.  Other Readers cannot see them, unless they are setup with an admin account.  

Once a Reader is done reviewing each document, they are presented with a page to score the candidate. At the top of the scoring page are 'Summary Comments' so that readers can type up their overall feeling on each candidate.  A comment summary is helpful for the Committee Review.   

Next, readers can score candidates on the rating criteria and scales defined by your school. Scores are selected from the rating criteria drop-down menu's.  Once complete, readers can continue to the next Candidate's review packet or return to the Review List Page.

Reviews completed by the Reader are moved to the 'Completed Reviews' tab.  Please note, it may take a few minutes for your candidates to change tabs.  Readers can review and edit their candidate scores even when candidates have been moved to the 'Completed Reviews' tab.

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