During the Review Process, you may have current SchoolAdmin users that are part of the review process, or other staff members such as teachers that are part of the review process.  Even if certain members of the review committee don’t have access to SchoolAdmin, you can still assign them as a reader only, which means they won’t have access to to any information that isn’t included in the review packet.  To assign both user types, read below for a more detailed explanation.

Assigning Current SchoolAdmin Users as Readers

To assign a current SchoolAdmin user to be a Reader, navigate to Settings–>Portal–>Admin Portal Accounts.  Locate the name of the user, and then check the reader checkbox.  The reader permission can be given to any user of the SchoolAdmin system.  For User and Admin accounts, it allows them to be assigned students to review and gives them access to their candidates in review list page, which is found within the Admissions tab.

*Important Notes about Admin and User Account Permissions* 

  • 'User' accounts cannot see anyone else's reviews of candidates except their own, they do not have the ability to "Manage Readers" in the Edit menu of the Admissions List Page (which is how you assign readers to candidates) and they also can't view the Candidates in Review page for Committee Review.

  • 'Admin' accounts that do not have the reader checkbox marked, always have read-access to the Review tab on a student’s record, but they can only edit their own review answers (if they are assigned to the Student).  Admin users also have access to the candidates in review tab on the admissions screen that shows the status of all students currently under review and the scores they have received.

Assigning Non-SchoolAdmin Users as Readers

Schools often have staff members that review candidates during the Review Process that shouldn't have full access to SchoolAdmin.  To support this level of access, there's an account type called 'Limited User.'  Their permissions are as follows: 

  • Limited users only have access to the Review Module.

  • Limited users do not have access to contact records, admissions or enrollment list pages, billing, etc.

  • Limited users can only see their reviews and not the review results of any other readers.  

To assign a non-SchoolAdmin user to be a Reader, navigate to Settings–>Portal–>Admin Portal Accounts.  Click on add a new admin in green in the upper left and fill out the email, name, and password for the admin account.  For “type” select 'Limited User.'  

Once the limited user type is set, the user will only have the reader checkbox marked, and all others will remain unchecked.  You won’t be able to give access to any other areas of SchoolAdmin when the limited user type is selected.

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