Overview and Funnel Counts

The Admissions Report (1) can be accessed within the Search and Reports tab.  Here  you can compare cumulative counts across years, or you can compare cumulative counts as of a certain date (2).  This is useful if you had an open house for example, and you wanted to see what kind of impact that had on your admissions counts.  You could then type in the date of the open house and see how your numbers changed before the open house vs after.  The Funnel Counts (3) compares the cumulative counts  for each stage of the Admissions Funnel for the last 5 terms, or school years.

Funnel Rates

Further down are your Funnel Rates.  This is where you can view your Yield Comparison for each of the last 5 Terms, or school years.  If you hover over the "i", a definition of each term will display.

  • Conversion is the percentage of Inquiries that became Applicants

  • Selectivity is the percentage of Applicants that were Accepted

  • Yield is the percentage of Accepted Applicants that were Enrolled

About this Report

If you click on About this report in the top right,  you’ll see the dialogue box below.  It explains what the admissions funnel is and how the numbers in the report are compiled.

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