Online Teacher Recommendations are a great way for parents to easily submit requests to teachers while giving them visibility to track the progress of the form's completion. Completed recommendations always remain confidential to the school, and a parent will only see the completion progress - not the contents - of the form.

Click into the articles below to learn more about the different workflows for online teacher recommendations in SchoolAdmin:

  • Admin Experience - Learn about the setup process and best practices for creating online teacher recommendation forms on your SchoolAdmin site, as well as how to track and manage requests from a student's checklist.

  • Parent Experience - Learn about what a parent or student sees when sending an online teacher recommendation request from the Parent Portal, as well as how they can edit or resend requests.

  • Teacher Experience - Learn about what a teacher sees when they receive an online recommendation request from a student in SchoolAdmin.

Note on SchoolAdmin ONE Shared Recommendations
If your school is part of a shared network using the SchoolAdmin ONE product, you can use any teacher recommendations that are currently available. However, no custom teacher recommendation forms can be created. For custom recommendation forms, you can upload the form to file management (located within 'Settings' -> 'General'), and provide a link for parents to download the form. They can then print the form, fill it out, and upload it to the checklist item.


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