SchoolAdmin  the Calendars can feed into external calendar programs like Microsoft Outlook, Apple Calendar (desktop, iPhone, or iPad), or Google Calendar. SchoolAdmin uses the common format known as iCal to provide these feeds.  Changes within the SchoolAdmin calendar will be updated within the external calendar program.  

Please note: ALL changes to appointments MUST be made within SchoolAdmin.  If they are made in your external calendar, they will not update in SchoolAdmin.

Refresh Rates: Depending on the mail program you synch with, refresh rates vary as defined below, and are determined by the mail provider.

  • Google Calendar refreshes daily only

  • Apple Calendar by default refreshes weekly, however, the refresh rate can be adjusted to as frequently as every 5 minutes in the calendar settings when you add the iCal feed.

  • Microsoft Outlook for PC's refreshes daily only.

  • Microsoft Outlook for Mac does not support calendar feeds.  We unfortunately have no control over this.

Calendar Feed Setup Instruction

First you will need the calendar feed url. Within SchoolAdmin, click on the Scheduling tab (1), then select Calendars (2) and select the Calendar (3) you wish to subscribe to.

Then click on Calendar Settings (1) in the upper right, highlighted in green and select Sync with an outside calendar (2).

A pop up dialog box will open with the iCal Feed URL at the bottom.  Copy the link shown.

Now that you have the iCal Feed URL, review the steps below based on the type of calendar you would like to synch with.

Apple Calendar 

To setup a calendar feed in the Apple Calendar application, select File –> New Calendar Subscription from the menu application’s bar.

In the pop up dialog box, paste the SchoolAdmin iCal link (Command+V) in the Calendar URL field and click Subscribe.

Once the calendar is done processing, you can name the calendar, set the default location, set refresh dates, or remove alerts and attachments.

Note: For Auto-Refresh, settings we recommend making it the interval every 5-15 minutes to so that you always see the latest changes.

Once you click “OK”, all of the filled spots will show up on your calendar.

Google Calendar 

To setup an iCal Calendar feed in Google Calendar, go to or log into your account and click on the Google Apps menu (1) in the upper right by your name and then click on the Calendar App icon (2).

Along the left of the page, select the Down Arrow next to Other calendars (1) and then select Add by URL (2).

Once the Add by URL dialog box pops up, paste the SchoolAdmin iCal link into the URL Field and then click Add Calendar.

Google will now grab the names and dates out of the calendar feed.  Please note that Google only checks for updates every few hours. This is not user customizable.

Important note:  Google Calendar does not provide user control over the refresh setting like many other calendar programs do (for example, Apple Calendar).  This means the calendar feed will only update once per day with new appointments or changes to existing appointments.

Microsoft Outlook Mac

Microsoft does not support subscripting to webcal standard feeds in Outlook for the Mac.  

Microsoft Outlook Windows

Subscribe to a calendar

  1. On the Outlook navigation bar, click the App Launcher  , and then click Calendar.

  2. Under the Outlook Calendar navigation bar, click the New down arrow, and click Add calendar.

  3. Click From internet, and in the Link to the calendar box, type or copy and paste the web address of the calendar.

  4. In the Calendar name box, enter a name for the linked calendar.

  5. Click Save. or Outlook on web

See this article about subscribing to calendar feeds in 

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